Sunday, April 01, 2007

An experiment................

I know I should be going back to work on my Star Project, but, somehow today, I just wanted to try out the variagated crochet thread I bought at Haby's when I met up with Linda & Lillie 2 weeks ago.

I actually started on it last nite, but after doing 12 rows, I felt that the I did not achieve the effect I expected. I thought it would turn out something like the effect Faizon had on her tatting pieces. You know, the way the colours kind of subtly change? I like that but, unfortunately I could not achieve that effect with crochet, although the piece looks nice, sweet, in fact! *wink*

It could be either because the colour variations in the thread that I bought is not as nice as the ones Faizon bought, or, my expectations was simply too high! But, actually, by looking at the thread on its own, the colour variations are really sweet! It goes from off-white to light pink to dark. I thought that my doily would have the same effect. Unfortunately, it turned out in patches of off-white, dark pink, and light pink. The colours does not change subtly, but rather abruptly. Nevertheless, it is still a nice piece, if I can say so myself! LOL!

Anyway, not satisfied, I stopped at the 12th row, and this morning I started the same pattern, but using two different colours of thread - off white & pink. I stopped at the 12th row too just to see the effects to compare. I think this 2nd piece still does not exactly have what I had in mind, but, I still like the way it turned out.

I took photos of both pieces, but, I think the photos do not do justice to the nice colour variations of the threads. You can't quite compare the different effects the different threads give. I will snap more photos when I finish both pieces. Hopefully the next time, the photos will look better.


Samsiah binti Abd Shukor said...


sweet doily. my fav colors!

Good blog too. By the way, i can ask your permission to convert your writings to pdf file (+ your name & blog url) to my Adenosine ezine? Be my guest writer, but no payment will be given as the group content is for sharing only.

let me know k. thanks.


whitecalla said...

Nice meeting you again Nik. Love the thread colors, very sweet :D