Monday, April 16, 2007

Work-in-Progress Report

It's Work-in-Progress Report Week again at NNC this week. I have not been doing any cross stithing in the last 3 weeks, prefering to try out some crochet patterns instead, two of which I have completed earlier and have put up photos of the pieces.

My star project has taken a back seat as I try my hands out at crocheting using yet another variegated thread, this time in combinations of off-white, pink and yellow. It is looking only slightly better then the one I did using the pink and off-white variegated thread in that, the blotches of colours are not so blotchy.....well, kind of! LOL!

However, this time around I am having problems of the piece curling up as I crochet the piece. I did not experience this when I was doing my two earlier pieces. Janet suggest that I either spray block it and rip it apart. What? Rip it apart? Oh dear! I am about a quarter way done, and simply `sayang' to rip it apart. The photo shown here was taken yesterday. Since then, I had completed another 5 more rounds/rows, so, you can see, I have advanced quite a lot.

I tried ironing it tonight and it looks like it can hold it's shape. I think I will go ahead and finish this piece, and at the end of it, I will spray block it as shown here at this blog ( put up by Mel. Thanks, Mel! Thanks to Janet too for her suggestions.

BTW, here is a small coaster I made for Margaret as a token of appreciation for hosting the Library Day at her house on 31 March. Thanks, Margaret! Can we do more of this? *wink*

The coaster is nothing great, really, but, it was an attempt at trying something small and different. I just hope that Margaret will find some use for it.

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whitecalla said...

The colors is sweet. Sometimes, IMO, well, you gotta re-do with crochet due to the tension. Its one of the causes for the curl, but then I may be wrong..oops...