Sunday, April 15, 2007

Pincushion Exchange and Garden Card Swap

Aahh! Finally these two exchanges are done with! Well, almost! The Garden Card Swap came to a close when all the participants managed to send out their cards on time. I almost thought I could not make it, the usual excuse being that all of a sudden my schedule at work got quite hectic. But, I still managed to get it done. I made a commitment when I signed up for the exchange, so, I am responsible to mail it out on time, no matter what the consequences were, unless it is a family emergency, which, of course, takes precedence over anything and everything else.

So, here is my card which I mailed out to Ying, who also happens to be the organiser for this exchange. Thanks, Ying! I mentioned in my earlier posting that this is actually not my normal style, but, never the less, I am happy with the result. It is something new, which I probably might not have tried out if not for the exchange.

Next is the Pincushion Exchange which was supposed to come to a close by now, but, due to some members not being able to mail out on time, some for health reasons, others for reasons only known to them, it is still not yet completed. I hope I can close this exchange soon when all the participants have received their PCEs. It is 'stressing me out' when an exchange cannot be completed within a certain period of time! LOL! *wink*

Anyway, above is the PCE I made for Niesa in Sarawak, and here is the PCE I received from Radha. A really nice pice by Radha. Love the teddy bear that came along with it! She told me that the teddy can also be turned into a pincushion, not that I want to poke pins into the little guy though! LOL!


Barbara said...

Your biscornu to Niesa is so bright. Love the colours. And Radha's is quite elegant and the turquoise she used for the blackwork is quite unique.

whitecalla said...

Loved both, one bright and cheery the other looks lacy kinda victorian. And the teddy is so cute but looks like missing a girlfriend..LOL. This have been fun Nik, thanks for organising the exchange :D :D :D