Saturday, April 28, 2007

Arrghhhhhh!!!! *grin*

I don’t know where I did wrong, but miscounted I did. I checked and checked but still I could not find where my mistake was. Even if I ripped the piece, I wouldn’t know to rip it until which part of the piece. After some thought, I decided to snip off the thread and abandon this piece I started some two weeks back. Such a waste of time and effort (aarrgghhh!!!!), but carrying on with it would not be worth it, and ripping it would only be worthwhile if I rip it until where I changed the colours of the thread. *sigh* I just lost the momentum and mood to proceed with this piece. I might start over with a new colour though, maybe some time later. Maybe also never! LOL!

Anyway, with that piece stashed at a corner, I picked up my beige thread and started on a new piece with a new design, as you can see from the photo. I have combined purple into the piece. I have advanced further since the photo was taken on 26th April. I will put up progress photo of the piece later this weekend. I have to complete this soon as I had ‘unintentionally’ *wink* signed up for the Wish List Exchange currently being organized by BJ at NNC. It is an all craft (because it is not just cross stitch, but patchwork, quilting, crochet, tatting, or any other crafts which your partner wishes for) exchange where what you get in exchange will be different, in most cases, from the item that you will be sending to your assigned partner.

I am going to have a very busy schedule in the office since I foresee a lot of traveling in the next few months, but, heck, for the fun of it, why not, I will join the exchange, if not for anything else, to lend support to the activities organized in the group, for as long as my time permits. I might not be able to join in anymore exchanges come June, so, I think, this will probably be my last exchange until the end of the year. Wish me luck! *wink*

On the cross stitch front, after an almost non-cross stitching activity for close to a month, I started on something small two weeks ago. It is an alphabet taken from the Sajou series freebie which a member at NNC had posted a link at the board some time back. I am not telling what alphabet I am stitching for now, for this is going out to someone when done. *wink* If you can make out the alphabet, then just keep it to yourself, OK? *wink* Ssssshhhhhhhhhhhhh…………*grin*

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Barbara said...

Can't you use that doily? Even if it curves up a little? Block it or something? Real waste there.

You must be bitten by the crochet bug lately!

Thanks for joining the WLE. I am sure Rhonda will be much suprised!