Sunday, April 15, 2007

What a disappoinment!

Even for someone who is tone deaf, I noticed that the music arrangement for last night's Akademi Fantasia's 5th Concert was a BIG letdown.

After last week's impressive concert, it was diappointing to watch last night's concert, and I blame it on the music arrangement. I think the kids worked hard to get into the songs, to have a feel for the songs. They got out of the comfort zone to take up Ogy's challenge and to try something new. I congratulate them for trying, despite this being a competition where you don't take risks. The music arrangemments were so bad, that all the critics could see were that the kids could not sing or could not carry the songs well.

The critics failed to see that the kids could dance and sing at the same time. That the kids could act while they sing their songs. If their singing failed them, their acting and dancing pretty much made up for it. Okay, so this is a singing competition, so the kids should concentrate on their singing first before they go into acting and dancing. But, is it really just a singing competition? I think not. If it is, than why have the diaries where the kids are exposed to the pubic everyday for them to be scrutinized and critisized for everything that they do or do not do?

Yes, it would be a sorry case if the winner emerged as one who cannot sing, but has the good looks. I am not expecting Dafi to win if he does not improve on his singing, and I have said before that Dafi cannot sing, but, last night, he did a good job of dancing effortlessly while singing. That, you have to give him credit. The dance steps were well coordinated, and his moves were cute! So, OK, he's cute *wink*, but, he has improved, and he tried. Give him that credit at least.

I must also salute him for being able to take the hash critics against him weekly very well. He took it in his stride, him being only 19, and worked to improve. He just haven't got the songs that is his genre. Maybe this coming week? I can't say the same about Aizat, other than simply that he thinks that he is great! Is he really? Did the audience really boooed him last night?

Another sorry case of bad music arrangement, I think Heliza did a good job of acting while singing, but, again, all the critics could see was that her acting took away her focus on her singing. She probbaly did not sing as well as the previous weeks, but, neither was she doing an act in previous concerts. She did something different. She got out of her comfort zone, and tried acting while singing. What did she get for her efforts? Harsh critics for not spending enough time polishing up her singing, but spending too much time acting. If I were Cikgu Fatimah Abu Bakar, I would have been embarassed, for she was the one that had put Heliza up for the acting, and she (Cikgu Fatimah) did a good job of it. I would give Cikgu Fatimah credit for being able to get Heliza to act while singing. For, if not because of the acting, it would have been just a dull song, what with such a bad music arrangement.

I have never been impressed with Shawal, but, him singing a dangdut song this week, I looked forward to his performance last night. I thought his dance steps were entertaining, though I expected more aggresive moves, but, it was worth given credit. However, again, he was critisized for concentrating too much on the dance steps, and not on polishing his singing. Hey! Don't the critics get it? Blame it on the music arrangement! It made the songs sung by the kids a BIG disappointment!

Even Ebi, who I looked forward to perform, was disappointing, though this song made famous by Broery Marantika, could have been one of the killer songs for the night. This song is not Ebi's genre, and the bad music arrangement simply made it worst. Even Candy was not spared the bad music arrangement, her being a consistent performer each week.

I hope ASTRO would bring back Sham Kamimaze who has done such a wonderful job in the music arragement for the past 4 seasons to do the music arrangement for the rest of the concerts for this season, instead of leaving everything to Roslan Aziz. It is obvious from 3 concerts already that when Roslan 'meddles' with the music arrangement, the concert turns out a disappointment.

Really, ASTRO, please WAKE UP!!!

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