Sunday, April 08, 2007

Time for a happy dance!

Yeap! It's been quite a productive weekend, stitching wise, well, rather, crocheting wise. I managed to complete both pieces of the crochet pieces, and I am happy to say that both turned out quite nice, even though with different effects.

The one in pink variegated is kind of sweet. My only wish is that the variegated could have been more subtly instead of in blotches. It won't be my last attempt at using variagated though. I can't, I have 4 balls to finish! LOL!

This second piece is a combination of pink and off-white, though I think the colour in the photo does not show it up too well. I used DMC Traditions size 10, colour 5746 combined with WINA, colour 902. I really like the feel of the DMC thread. Really nice and soft to work with, making your end product very nice to the touch. The WINA is rather rough, but, combined it with DMC, the end result is really nice. I am going to try more of this combination with other patterns in the future.

BTW, the variegated is MINLON POLLY colour 288, for those interested to try out the thread, to see fo ryourself the effects.

On another note, here is a photo of the crochet pieces Usha did for me which she sent with the Garden Card Swap. I now have matching crochet pieces, 3 lovely pieces in all, all crocheted by Usha. Thanks, Usha!


Barbara said...

The doilies look great. Well of course the variegated could be subtler but it looks nice as it is too.

A rather cheeky card from Usha huh? ;) And the crocheted dolies...just lovely!

Emily said...

Nik, As usual great work from you. Amazing what colors can change the outcome of the doilies. Same pattern but looks different! And cheeky Usha!