Sunday, April 08, 2007

He's got my vote! *wink*

heheh.....after watching last night's concert, Ebi's got my vote (yeah! Like as if I am voting! LOL!)!

Wow, that was a great performance by Ebi! I really enjoyed it, especially when he jumped off the stage and landed beautifully in front of Ogy! LOL! I did not notice him before this except for last week, like I said, I was impressed with his rendition of Mawi's Al-Jannah. Not an easy song to sing, that one, but he carried it well in his own style.

I saw that his ratings went up tremendously (43% was it?) after his performance and his placing went straight up to number one, pushing even the crowd favourite Dafi aside with only a 10% vote! I think the young girls are smitten by the fact that he won 1st runner up in a manhunt competition or something like that! *wink* I was smiten, not by his looks, but definitely, by his good performance last night. I will be looking out for him in the next concert and the next and the next! *wink* Hopefully he will have the holding power to last till the finals.

I was kind of surprised though with those who got eliminated last night. I had thought that Fatin and Noni would last at least another 2 or 3 concerts before being eliminated. But, because last night, 3 students were eliminated all at once, it would have been difficult to actually predict who's going out. Only I thought it would have been either Mila or Dekna, since there were nothing really outstanding about both of them, not that the others, with the exception of Ebi, has got anything outstanding to show off anyway.
Well, that's reality TV for you. You get shocked by the results, and these young Malaysians can sometimes shock you by whom they vote for, and this is not necessarily for their talent.

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