Saturday, June 02, 2007

It's all God's will.......

I met up with the officer of the Ministry yesterday to see if I could appeal the promotion for my two Technical Assistants. I asked if the ministry would give another due consideration for them to get the promotion considering that they are in the reserved list for promotion and, after all, they are staffs of excellent performers.

They told me that if there is anyone who has already been offered the promotion rejects it, there is a possibility that they might get it. The odds? Pretty slim, but they did say that sometimes it can happen because people from out of state might not want to uproot their family to Kuala Lumpur, and those from Kuala Lumpur might not want to go to the states for the same reason. If many rejects, the chances of at least one of the TA getting a promotion is still there. I have put in my appeal yesterday in writing, and now I can only hope and pray. I hope that at least one of them will get it, but it would be a bonus if both of them gets it. It is all God's will.

Some say that if it is your `rezeki', you will still get it, no matter what the odds are. I believe that if it was meant to be yours, and so it shall be, but, first, you need to accept that there is always a reason for everything. It is a hard fact to swallow, but, in order to move on, you need to accept that things are fated to be the way it is.

With this in mind, I accept that these are challenging times for me as a manager. I am encountering some problems with the Project Manager for one of my projects which I mentioned in my earlier entry. I have 20 odds other projects which needs to be off the ground before the end of the year. I need the cooperation of the staffs to get the job done. Now my staffs have blamed me for their failure to get promoted. The others, in support of their peers, are putting on silent protests, thus slowing their work process. But work has to go on, as I have datelines to meet and projects to deliver.

How do I get my staffs to work? How do I motivate them? They will never understand that it is no easy feat to manage projects, the staffs and the office all at the same time. It is no use trying to explain it to them either because I have tried, and they either don't understand it or refuse to understand.

Everyday I go to work with a 1001 things to resolve. I pray that God will always give me strength to face any challenges that comes my way with confidence. I can only pray.........

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