Sunday, June 24, 2007

The kid in me........

I feel like a little kid putting up photos of this Akademi Fantasia star, but I am in one of those moods again when I am just feeling like a kid at heart! LOL! *blush*

This is a photo of Ebi, the 1st runner up winner in the latest season of the reality show, Akademi Fantasia, taken from the July issue of InTrend, a magazine I have never bought before until now! LOL! *grin* Doesn't he look a little bit like Hans Isaac, the actor? *wink* Cute! Oopps! Shhh! Don't tell my hubby I said that! LOL! *wink*

Remember I said in one of my earlier entries that being 2nd place is almost like being next to nothing? Well, I had expected that Ebi would appear as the front cover of the latest issue of InTrend when I read somewhere that he had gone for a photo shoot for InTrend. You know, like Mawi, who has been on the front cover of InTrend TWICE already since winning in season 3?

Looks like, again, the irony of being the second best, you don't even deserve a place on the front cover despite being quite good looking. *grin* So far, he has only appeared on the front covers of magazines (URTV and MEDIA), each time only to be paired with Mila, the champion. Better than nothing, huh? *grin*

I think, commercially, they make a good pair, especially in their appearances together in a photo in URTV. A very romantic photo, I must say! *grin* Mila looking very sweet and 'manja manja gitu', him looking very macho.

You mean to say that I actually bought URTV just so that I can see photos of Ebi? LOL! *blush* I think I suddenly take after my mom who buys every mag that has photos of Mawi in it! Err...but I have not gone crazy buying every mag that Ebi's photo appears.......just yet! LOL! That's me being a kid at heart again! LOL! *grin*

Note: the first two photos were taken from the July issue of InTrend, while the last photo was taken from Ebi's official fan club website., I am not a member! LOL! Just like to visit the site to see what Ebi is up to these days and see how he is making it into this challenging entertainment industry.

I think Dafi is doing better now that KRU had just signed him up under their label, and Dafi wasn't even a finalist, but, yes, the boy is cahrming, not to mention, cute! LOL! *grin* That boy is lucky! Soon he will be as succesful as Adam of AF2. Can't say I know what will happen to Ebi though.... I hope he will still make it, and remain well known for a long time to come.

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