Saturday, June 16, 2007

What a week!

Has it been really that long since I last updated my blog? Wow! I must have been really busy, or, simply not in the mood to do any updating!

The truth is, it's been quite stressful at work, and I have been coming home late to finish loads of work lately, that as soon as dinner is done, and I sit down to watch TV with my hubby to relax, the TV ended up watching me instead! LOL!

This is serious, I think. I have not been able to spend quality time with my son. With my hubby, we catch quick lunches together whenever we can...for now..before he starts working in Shah Alam from next week onwards.

Lately I get home with enough time to get dinner ready, check my son's things for the next day and he is off to bed after dinner. I think we have `neglected' him lately him, in a way, as I think we have not had time to have long heart to heart talks with him. Just two days ago his teacher informed us that he seems to want to follow his friends who loves to run around and create noises (in the library), despite being told by the teacher to keep quiet, especially that he is an assistant monitor and should be setting a good example.

Not trying to blame anyone, but I know my son, and he is actually a very shy boy (like his mommy! *wink*). On his own, he listens to the teachers, but, in a group of boys, he tends to follow his peers. He said that he didn't want to feel left out and he fears being teased by his peers if he didn't follow them.

It's tough bringing up a child. You don't know if what you are doing is right or wrong, to make sure that he grows up to be a good citizen, a good son, a good student, a good husband, a good father, a person who is good all around. You just hope and pray for the best that what you are doing is right.

Yes, mom, I appreciate all that you have done to bring us all up, turning us into succesful human beings, and we love you and dad for it.

Back to what I have been up to, this week I received a couple of birthday surprises in the mail. I received from Mel a lovely oblong pillow in purple and gold and it has joined me in bed. Of course, on my side of the bed, and not on my hubby's side! *wink*

But, this week, the pillow is going to be in the craft room for I want to make sure that the pillow will last a lifetime, and it will only last if I don't rough it up so much! *wink* So, the best place for it to be will have to be in my craft room or the living room. *grin*

The photo is not doing the pillow justice, for this is really a nice pillow! Very sweet!

This week too I received two lovely gifts from Emily and Jess, all the way from Melbourne, Australia. Emily sent me a lovely ETUI, something I have been wanting to do or buy, but, as usual, never got down to it. Jess sent me two very sweet thread winders and white tread wound around an adorable teddy bear thread winder. I wanted to put up photos of these two gifts, but, somehow, forgot to bring them back from the office as I rushed to pick up my travel tickets as I was late in coming back from yet another all day meeting. Hopefully the photos will be up come next weekend. I can't wait to show off the lovely gifts!

Thank you so much Mel, Emily and Jess, for the lovely gifts!

Last week, I went over to BORDERS at Berjaya Time Square and bought myself this lovely Cross Stitch Antique Style Sampler book by Jane Greenoff. I am not much of a Jane Greenoff fan when it comes to her designs, although I love to read her journals, but, this particular book has quite a few designs which I can see myself stitching them up one day, if only I can find the time. *sigh* I especially like the House Sampler, the Alphabet Sampler and the Red Sampler. I also like two of the band samplers featured. Now is only to find the time....

Moving on to report on my LDSAL, I have come to meet up Rose halfway. She started from the top, and I started from the bottom. We have now reached the same spot, although I have yet to finish completely the other rows that I have been working on before this. Rose, however, have completed all her rows before she reached the place where we are now. I am taking this piece on my travels for work with the hope that I can at least put in a few stitches, just so that there is more progress to show.

Just love the colours of this piece. I am liking every stitch I put in and hope that I can finish it soon. I need to. I have other pieces waiting for me to stitch in my long, and never ending list of Want To Do or Must Stitch! LOL!

BTW, I would like to take the opportunity, though a week late, to congratulate our dear Prime Minister, Dato's Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and Datin Seri Jeanne Abdullah, on their recent nuptials. May you both be blessed always and live happily ever after.

To my stitching friends too whose birthdays fall in the same month as I do - Azie, Cheeze, June and Janet, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! May all your good wishes come true! Let's go stash shopping! LOL!

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Barbara said...

The LDSAL is coming on so very nicely. Agree, lovely colours!

Mel's pillow is nice. Love the fabric she used and the colours are so complementing.

Look at XS as a de-stresser, take your projects easy, one at a time. Of course that is easier said than done ;)