Sunday, June 24, 2007

Wishlist Exchange (WLE) received

For the recently concluded Wishlist Exchange organised by BJ at NNC, I made my partner, Rhonda, a crocheted doily.

I am glad that she has safely received it a couple of days ago, two weeks after it was sent out. For a while I was afraid that Rhonda might not receive it, knowing the services of Pos Malaysia, since the piece is going all the way to the United States. For sure, I am more confident of the United Parcel service as I am of Pos Malaysia, although I do hope that Pos Malaysia's services will greatly improved soon. I use their services (Pos Malaysia) a lot to send gifts to friends, and there were a couple of times that items sent never arrived, or, I never received items from friends or from shops I order online. *sigh* Up till today, I have yet to receive my WLE from Rhonda. I am hoping that it will arrive soon so that I can heave a sigh of relief soon.

Now that Rhonda has received mine to hers, I am putting photos of the piece I made. Even though I have crocheted doilies before, this is the first time I am crocheting a piece that is of this style where the flower edges are crocheted separately and attached to the main piece. Usually, I would just crochet a piece that just goes round and round for each row. Also, this piece combines a single colour thread for the main piece, and a variegated thread for the outer flower edges. Another first for me too.

I like this piece and almsot did not want to part with it, it being a first for me a piece of this kind! LOL! But, Faizon once said that it is good to give someone a piece of what you love, right, Faizon? *wink*

I hope Rhonda will like it and find a good place to put it or put it to god use. I had enjoyed stitching the piece. Shall I make one for myself too? *wink*

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Barbara said...

That's a lovely doily! Nice work!