Sunday, June 24, 2007

Pieces of art

I said in my last entry that I would put up photos of the lovely Etui I got from Emily and the cute teddy floss winder and sweet thread winders I got from Jess for my birthday, so, here they are!

Aren't the thread winders sweet? And, oh, the teddy is so adorable! I feel like giving him a hug! LOL! Err.....could the teddy be a she? LOL!

This gift from Emily, an etui, is something I have been wanting to make one myself each time any members at NNC put photos of it or made one for themselves. Now that Emily has kindly given me one, especially as a birthday gift, I need not make one! LOL! But, I could also use the etui I got as a sample to try to make one so that, who knows, if I make really nice ones, I could also give them out as gifts! *wink* LOL! Hmm....can I make them to sell too? *wink*

I intend to use the thread winders Jess gave me as a template to maybe make myself some thread winders too!

Thank you so much, Emily and Jess, for the lovely gifts! I really love them! Hugs!

On another note, I have not been updating on my son's progress for his art works for the longest time, so I decided that today, I will do so. So here is a photo of a treasure chest he made about a month ago at his friend's birthday party which was held at Art Attack, One Utama. After it was completed, the chest was filled with chocolates and sweets for the kids to bring back. Isn't that a nice way to have a party?

Boy! Times sure have changed since the time I had my birthday parties at home with just simple games and home cooked meals! LOL! The signs of changing times! *grin*

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Barbara said...

Lovely gifts from Em and Jess! Aiman's treasure chest is so interesting, I think he's got his craft genes from his mom ;)