Monday, July 16, 2007's WIP week again? *grin*

I have not progress that much yet on my LDSAL, and I have to report again? *grin* LOL!

Actually I did managed to progress quite a bit though not as much as I would like to. I just can't wait to get to the top of the sampler. I want to get this over and done with so that I can start on the Cheryl Bouquet since I have already received my Carrie's Threads from BJ and I am eager to get started on it. Besides, I need to think about the gifts I need to make for NNC's first birthday celebration!

Yup, NNC's going to be one soon. Isn't that great? Our members might be small (only 48, though not all are active) compared to so many other craft groups around, but, we are one very chatty group! LOL!

So far, after only 9 months of being in existence, we have surpassed the 12,000th mark in postings! We talk about all sorts of crafts, and all sorts of things! You name it, we could have talked about it! LOL! Well, almost! *grin* We especially love the topic on food. Yup, that's a favourite topic, but, of course, it could never beat our first love, and that is our love for our crafts!

Basically I just enjoy the company of the members. They are such fun! I hope the members enjoy the company of everyone else too, and hopefully, we will be in exixtence for a long time to come! Errrr......I think I will save the boring speech for the anniversary, or is that birthday celebration, when the time comes. *grin* LOL!

Okay, back to my WIP report.....boy! Did I digress so far out! LOL!

I am about 3 rows away from the top, not counting the mini rows in between. I can't wait! I am wondering how my fellow SALs are doing. Hmmmmmmmmm.........*grin*

BTW, here are the Carries Threads I bought from BJ recently. The colours are all so yummy, but, the photo is not doing them justice. I took the photo after 5.00pm, and the day had been a gloomy one with rain since morning.


Barbara said...

It seems like just yesterday we started NNC. The year just flew by :) As they say 'Time flies when you're having fun ;)'

Yes! speech, speech!

You are doing so wonderfully on the LDSAL, to think of how busy you are and yet so much progress, puts me to shame :( Congratulations in advance :D !!

Lillie said...

It sure sounds exciting huh? I just hope to make it to the meet this time, with a school going kid who is so demanding of my time will need a lot of adjustment. LOL!

LDSL is looking good Nik and the floss, indeed yummy!