Saturday, July 07, 2007

A time for stitching, and a time for my son

While I was waiting to board the plane back to Kuala Lumpur on my recent trip to Johor Bahru, I contemplated what I should do. I had about 1 hour of time to kill. I was at first thinking if I should go for the foot reflexology offered at the departure lounge. I think it was priced at RM45.00 for an hour, something like that. I was also contemplating if I should go online since the Senai Airport has got wifi. since I had not checked my email for the past 3 days. It would cost me RM5.00 for an hour of internet time. Hmm...shall I? I do need to check my emails. Or, should I just sit and stitch?

Well, guess what? I went for the cheapest option. Well, sort off! LOL! I decided to stitch instead where it wouldn't cost me a single sen but I would gain by that my stitching would progress from the last time, since I have not stitched since Sunday. *grin*

I found a quiet corner of the airport, away from prying eyes, and stitched. I managed about 45 minutes of solid stitching, and I am very pleased with myself. My stitching not only progressed, but it also helped calmed my nerves because earlier on, I got a little stressed out from the worksyop I was attending, and have yet to find solutions to all problems given during the workshop. I needed to come back to KL to solve the rest of the problems.

On another note, today I spent some quality time with my son, fixing up his lego model to make up a car. I saw him struggling to get it together and decided to sit down and help him out. It was a good feeling seeing his eyes lit up the minute the car took shape. Of course, after more than 30 minutes to put the car together, it only took him one hour to play with it before he got bored, and decided to take it apart again! LOL! Nope! I'm not helping him this time! He's dad's gonna have to help him this time. It's boys' toys. I want to go and do some stitching! LOL!


Aniza said...

Your LD piece is coming up beautifully. I have been meaning to start mine but other WIPs are screaming loud LOL.

June said...

I have been watching your progress on this and despite your hectic schedule, you have made much progress.

Aiman will appreciate these times with you. I remember I used to assemble Tamiya cars for my son and nephews. I derived so much satisfaction watching their happy faces when its done and at the same time, I felt a sense of achievement in accomplishing something that's usually left to the guys.

Barbara said...

Your progress on the LDSAL is very commendable! Mine is a far cry away. For someone as busy as yourself, progressing so much, great dedication!