Sunday, July 01, 2007

Achievements, some stitching and a shopping bag!

It's the weekend again. I have not done much stitching. As usual, work has been hectic. I come home too stressed out. This week it got worse with the reorganization and formation of the new unit I am to head and the moving out to a new office. I am almost packed up but have not actually moved into my new office, which is still on the same floor, but to a slightly bigger room. Too many other important things to take care of first.

Yesterday was report card day, or rather, at my sos's school, they call it the 3-way conference. We spent the most part of the monring in conference with my son's teachers. He has done extremely well, getting all A's in all subjects, except for one, which, ironically happens to be ART! LOL! Mom and Dad are Architects and the son gets a C for art! *blush*

My son loves art and crafts. He loves seeing me do things and he loves to draw and colour. But, somehow, according to his art teacher, he lacks focus on the `background' element, going by his Mid-Term art work. He did everything well, except that he forgot to colour the background of his picture. *sigh*

For his high achievements, we treated him to his choice of restaurant for lunch yesterday. He wanted to go to Victoria Station, but we were at the Curve at lunch time, so he settled for Secret Recipe, where he had his favourite dish of Fish and Chips.

We are proud of you, Aiman! Keep up the good work!

The rest of the day was spent doing some light shopping where I bought more craft magazines! oopps! *blush* Mostly were papercraft magazines, not that I am back into making cards, but, I just love the projects featured. I did buy the latest issue of Cross Stitch Collection though.

I managed a little stitching on my LDSAL, though not much progress. I had to frog the center yellow vase twice! I don't know why I kept miscounting the stitches. Uurrgghh! *grin*

BTW, here is a photo of the lovely shopping bag Rhonda made for me for the Wishlist Exchange. Isn't it lovely? Pink and green, again in my favourite colour! I just love it! It's huge! Really good for shopping! Thanks, Rhonda!

Rhonda said that she made it for me to put in my stitching to bring to work, because earlier I did say that I like to bring my stitching to work, just in case I can find time to stitch in between my hectic schedule. I usually put it into my briefcase so that nobody knows what I am up to during my break! *wink* Wow! Now everyone is going to know that I stitch during my lunch break! LOL! *grin*

Don't worry, Rhonda. Even if I don't use the bag to bring my stitching to work, I will definitely use it for my shopping, and, of course, when I meet up with my stitching friends. Definitely loads of room to put in all my stitching projects to show off to my stitching friends. For sure, I will be the envy of everyone! *wink*


Barbara said...

I think you're making great progress on the LDSAL! And the bag, ah it's huge! :)

June said...

Tell Aiman that Aunty June said he's a clever boy and to keep up the good work.

Charlene said...

Wow .. your LDSAL look so wonderful. Love it. You have a nice stitching bag too from Rhonda. Lucky you.