Thursday, July 05, 2007

While in Johor Bahru......

I managed to make a quick getaway to meet up with Wendy.

It was already a long day spent staring at the computer, cracking my head to come up with solutions to the problems given for the workshop I was attending.

I felt like my eyeballs were coming out of its socket! LOL! I just needed to get away, even if for a short while. I smsed Wendy to see if she could meet me. My workshop was held at Puteri Pan Pacific, which was within walking distance to Wendy's office at Central Square.

Wendy called me back immediately to say that she's free. Actually, I had smsed her the nite before when I arrived, but did not promise her a time to meet, knowing that the workshop is going to last from morning till midnight, with short breaks for meals, bath and prayers.

As my colleagues in my group too needed a break and wanted to take a quick dip in the pool, I immediately went to my room to change into something more casual for the meet with Wendy. I hadn't actually planned on this meet up, so all I brought with me to show Wendy was my LDSAL which is currently following me on all my travels for work outstation. I grabbed my bag and quickened my pace to City Square as all I had was an hour to chat with Wendy. I also needed to drop by the bookshop to get a reference book I needed for the workshop.

When I got to the entrance of MPH, where we had agreed to meet up, I saw Wendy browsing through some books, with a bag in tow. She said that she has some books to show me. *grin* Wow! A whole bag of books! I am going to have fun! LOL!

Before the fun starts, first, the serious part must be settled. *grin* I quickly made a dash to the service counter of MPH to ask if they carry the reference book I needed. Alas, it has no stock. I needed to get it in KL. Okay, that is settled, now for the fun part! LOL!

We headed for the mamak shop on the same floor, and after the drinks were ordered, out came the lovely cross stitch books from Wendy's bag! LOL!

I went like ooh and aaahhh browsing the books! I even took down the names of the book I fancied that I might just want to buy them! LOL! One is Donna Kooler's Glorious Needlepoint, and the other is Joan Elliot's Native American Cross Stitch. Definitely a must buy for me! LOL! *blush*

I showed Wendy my LDSAL, and Wendy showed me a very lovely piece she is working on which I could not recall the name of the chart, but it is a DMC chart. The colours are really lovely, and the details in the design are really nice and almost lifelike. It is a picture of a peacock and other birds. Really nice!

We had about 15 minutes to spare after the books were browsed, the stitching pieces were shown off, and we chatted to catch up on lost times, before I had to get back. I told Wendy that I wanted to go to MPH to see if they carry the books I mentioned above. *grin*

Heheh.....they didn't, so my money is safe in my purse, or so I thought! LOL! But, I decided to browse the magazine section. Now that was a mistake! I found a craft magazine which came with a free rubber stamp. I couldn't resist and decided to buy it! Like as if I didn't already have enough rubber stamps in my stash! LOL!

I made another mistake. I went to the hobby section! LOL! What do you know? I found one book which, before this, I had never come across before. It is titled EASY SEE, EASY Stitch Cross Stitch by B.J. McDonald. Yeah, right! EASY SEE alright! Now I see it easily and I bought it easily! LOL!

It's got a lot of lovely patterns, my favourites are the flowers (it's got loads!) and the alphabets! Really lovely! I think it is worth my money, but, don't ask me how much money went out of my purse that day! LOL!

Now if I hadn't met up with Wendy, and Wendy hadn't shown me the lovely cross stitch book, opening a whole reservoir of temptations, I wouldn't have gone to MPH in search of the books, and I wouldn't have bought any books and my money would have been safe in my purse! Yeah, blame it on Wendy! LOL! Kidding!

I had a great time meeting up with Wendy. Definitely no regrets there. It's been a very long time since we met. Love the chat we had, Wendy, though it was a short one. Thanks for bringing the books for me to browse. It was a nice relief from pouring over the architectural books all day. Love the piece Wendy was stitching. Thanks for the drinks, Wendy. Thanks, too for taking time to meet me up. I had a lovely time!

BTW, BJ, did you just published a cross stitch book? *wink*

*Note: I was in JB for a workshop from Monday, 2nd July to 4th July 2007.


Barbara said...

Unfortunately no :( Glad you had a great time with Wendy :)

Lillie said...

Some great find and a lovely time
equals to a good day! Its always good to meet an old friend especially one who shares the same passion :D