Monday, July 23, 2007

The power of words

There are always things that I want to say and that I want to put down in words, but I simply could not find the time. So much to say, but so little time to say it. Maybe that should be better, huh? If not, I would probably be saying so many things that some might just turn out to be of no substance, huh? LOL!

I use to have time to write to the newspapers to give my opinion on things. Sometimes, the write-up might be a short one to comment on what I am not happy about, or think that probably there are other ways to do certain things. No, I am not trying to be a smart alec, trying to correct people, nor do I think I am the smartest person on earth. I write because I have opinions on certain things, and what I write might not be the best of opinions, but, an opinion it still is. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, right, whether right or wrong, right? *grin*

Sometimes I write articles that I send to the newpapers that are a whole page long. That's when I really have a lot to say, or, it's a dedication to someone special, like the one I wrote about my dad on the 5th anniversary of his passing, and the one about my unborn child that I almost had but didn't. Those are special. Those I wrote with my heart. Well, okay, I write everything with my heart. I am passionate about everything that I do, but, there are times that I write because of a need to do so, because I feel that if I don't put it down somewhere, my thoughts and opinions about something will be lost forever.

Sometimes I write for my son and my hubby. I write for my son so that in the years to come, when I am no longer around, he will remember who I am and what type of person I am through my writing. I want him to know how much I love him, and how much he means to me.

Sometimes I write for my hubby because there are times when I do not know how to express myself through my actions, but can better express myself through words and my writing. I want him to know that I feel very blessed to be married to him, and I want him to know that I love him very much.

I write for my mum too, for my mum is a strong follower of my blog. She reads my blog regularly to know what I have been up to as we live far apart, myself in Kuala Lumpur, she in Kota Bharu. It is a way of keeping in touch, so to speak. I wish I could update my blog more often, but, again, time never seems to be on your side. Always, we are chasing time for time waits for no man.

I think, for as long as you are working, you will always be trying to juggle between being a mum, a wife, a worker, a housekeeper, a cook, and whatever else is expected of a woman, with never enough time left for yourself to do what you want to do. That is life, and something you just have to live with and adjust accordingly.

I enjoy my work. The pay is good, well, okay, it might not be as much as what those in the private sector are getting, but, at least for me, it's good. I can buy things I want to buy, especially for my hobby after the neccessary amount has been put aside. You know, the car loan, the housing loan, your child's education plans and what not. Yeah, there are times when I complain about work and about my boss, but, that is part of work. Occupational hazards, I call it. Something I just have to accept as part of working.

I want to try to lessen my complains about my boss, former, past and present. You think I could do that? I will definitely have to try. I don't want to be complaining too much because I am just afraid that whatever complains I have about my boss, I might just be doing the same thing. A malay saying says, "meludah ke muka sendiri. Mengata paku serpih, mengata orang, dia yang lebih", literally translated to mean, spitting on your own face. You say bad about others, but you are far worse. I don't want my subordinates to complain the same thing about me.

Yeah, I know I might be eating my own words quite easily. I might just be complaining very soon enough about whoever and whatever, but, I will try to lessen it. Sometimes, I just need to let it out so that I can get it out of my system and move on. I hope those are times when it gets really unbearable. You know, they say that it is good to talk it over with someone some of your problems because they can help you see things in a different perspective and help you think more objectively. Usually, when you are in a situation, you feel that the problem is so huge, it is eating you up, and you feel that it is probably the biggest problem on earth. But, talk it over with someone, and within a few minutes, it will make you feel so much better. Wouldn't you agree? *wink*

Okay, my lunch time is up. Will write again soon, I hope. Take care, everyone!

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Barbara said...

110% Words ARE powerful. They can hurt and they can soothe. May there me more of the latter in this world we live in.