Monday, July 23, 2007

KnK no more.......

aaahhh! So sad.......*sob*

I drive to work each day being entertained by the banterings of Khairil and Kieran, or, better known as KnK, on Radio Era. They are so much fun as they poke fun at the some of callers who calls in with their problems and dilemmas, in their effort to lighten the `burden' of the listeners and callers, so that you can enjoy your day as you unload your problems to them.

They never actualy solve your problems, but, the way they always seem to see the lighter side of things, can't help, but make you smile, as you drive to work, which, sometimes can be stressful if you get caught in an unexpected traffic jam.

KnK; they are good together. Radio Era has paired so many DJs together, but, so far, no pair has been able to make such an impact and impression together as good as KnK. The morning program 'hosted' by them is currently the most listened to radio program in the country. Will the unpairing of them affect Radio Era as the number one radio station in Malaysia after this? Only time will tell.

If you listen to some other radio stations, you would not be able to appreciate Knk and appreciate what I am talking about, and the feeling of `emptiness' that I am now feeling.

Between Kieran and Khairil, I much prefer Kieran, for he is the more fun one between the two, and I am glad that it is Khairil that is leaving the station and not Kieran, but, still, Kieran alone is like someone without his right leg. You walk with a limp, and that takes getting used to.

Even though Kieran does not banter alone in the morning, since he is now being joined by Hani Yasmin Richardson and AC Mizal, I am still going to miss the KnK pair. They were good together. They made the morning drive a breeze. They put a smile on your face. They made you laugh at even at your most down moments. They were fun to listen to. Simply, they were fun to have on the airwaves. But, as always, good things don't always last..... so they say...... *sigh*

It was never stated why Khairil left and where he is going. For whatever reason, I wish him all the best. Probably he wants to go into singing full time since he does have a duo group, Khafi, which has long taken a back seat as he concentrates on his career as a DJ.

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