Monday, March 31, 2008

Exchanges and gifts

Now that The Final Chapter of the Melbourne trip has been put up, it is time to blog on the exchanges that I have been involved in and the gifts that I received from Jess when I met up with her recently in Melbourne.

Yup, Jess gave me this very lovely bookcover she made in my favourite colour - pink and green! Thank you so much, Jess! I love it! The workmanship is so neat, and all the points meet! Really awesome! Very professionally done!

Jess also gave me this roving wool (left) when she noticed that I was interested in felt. I have yet to make anything out of it though. I need to get some felting needles first before I can make anything out of it, except to make them into small balls using the hot water and liquid soap dish method according to a link that Jess gave.

Thanks for both gifts, Jess!
On another note, recently we concluded the Cupcake Exchange organised by Jess at NNC. I was very lucky to have Mel as my partner because she is one very creative lady! Just look at what I received from her!

Not only did the cupcake pincushion came in this beautiful round/cylindrical box, but in it contained not just the cupcake pincushion, but a recipe for strawberry cheesecake, which was a requirement for the exchange that we include our favourite sweet dessert.

I like the way how Mel did up the recipe book. Really neat and very professionally done! I also got a bookmark, and 6 pieces of crocheted cream puffs! I had actually asked Mel to make the cream puffs for me and I was going to pay for them, but she gave them to me FOC! Thanks, Mel!

The cupcake pincushion is so nice, it deserves a close-up!

Lovely, huh? Yummy too! This is what I call a professioanl job well done! Thanks again, Mel!

Compared to the cupcake pincushion I received from Mel, my slice of cake and swiss roll pincushion I made for Jess pales in comparison *blush*

I made the slice of cake pincushion first, but, not satisfied that it is so simple compared to what some members at NNC are capable of coming up with, I decided to do another one, and the swiss roll pincushion was the result.

I hope that Jess will still like them, although I know that they are nothing compared to the lovely and yummy looking swiss roll pincushion she made for BJ. Sorry, Jess!

Anyway, thanks for organizing the Cupcake Exchange, Jess!

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tinn said...

omg.. they all so pretty...
i really need to learn how to do all the crochet puff... i love them...