Friday, March 21, 2008

Voting day!

Yeah, this posting should have been put up when I came back from the family outing on Saturday. But, like I wrote in my earlier posting, I came home with a high fever, cold and cough, throwing away a lot of my plans down the drain.

Anyway, I thought I should still blog on the event as this year, it has become even more signicant with the unexpected results of the polls.

We started out early because, this election, for some reason, we have to go to two places instead of one, which we find it really odd. We also wanted to run some erands in town after casting our votes.

During the last election, both, my hubby and I, voted in Subang Jaya where our home address is. But, this year, my hubby's voting station was listed as Lembah Pantai, where he used to stay with his parent before we got married. I think it wouldn't have been odd if during the last election, he had voted in Lembah Pantai too, but he voted in Subang Jaya. Hmm...... wonder why......questions many people ask, I guess, but no answers given. *sigh*

In Subang Jaya, things were kind of quite. No excitement. So, I casted my vote and we headed for Lembah Pantai, where we expected to see more excitement happening. We couldn't be more right! *grin*

We took many photos here to catch the exciting atmosphere that could be felt all around us. Even Aiman got excited when he saw Nurul Izzah's posters. In his own words, he said, "Mummy, she's pretty!". *grin* See the expression on his face in the photo taken in front of Izzah's poster? *wink*

I think many have written about the outcome of the polls, and since many things have been taken over by events, I shall only post photos I took on that day for record purposes, but, shock I am still by the results.

Here's one of Aiman playing with his VSmile (something like GameBoy/PSP) while waiting for his Abah to cast his votes.

After casting our votes, we headed on to Midvalley to run some errands and do some last minute shopping of things we needed to bring for our trip to Melbourne. We dropped by Borders briefly at The Gardens, and I managed to pay Art Friends a quick visit.

It would have been nice to be able to take photos of the shop, but I was not allowed to snap any photos and there were CCTVs every where, so I could not even steal a shot. A pity really. It could have been a promotion/free advertising for them. I wondered how my SIL, Eli, managed to capture great photos of JoAnn. I guess the Americans are diffferent. Or, did she steal the shots too? *wink*

I finally decided to snap one of the store front.

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nikai said...

Yes, Eli did steal the shots in JoAnn.. I was too scared.. but in Malaysia, nak salin price tag pampers kat TMC to compare unit price pun kena halau..