Saturday, March 22, 2008

Melbourne Trip - Day Three - Boys Day Out

14th March 2008

While I went gallavanting with Jess to the craft fair, my hubby and son went on a boys day out to the city. I can't narrate much on what they did as I wasn't around, but some of the narrations are from my hubby as he related the days' outing to me.

Aiman at Lincoln Square where they got off the tram to go to the Melbourne Museum.

Royal Exhibition Center (above) - a world heritage building, located next to the more modern Melbourne Museum.

Entrance leading to the Melbourne Museum.

Aahh! Dinosaurs! Aiman's favourite topic of interest! When I saw this photo of Aiman in front of the fossilized skeletal of dinosaurs, I knew it would get him all excited! *grin*

More dinosaurs! These exhibition must have made his day!

Aiman has always been curious about dinosaurs and had always asked us many questions about their existence. So, when there was a write-up on them, my hubby encouraged him to read up on them, giving my hubby a break from answering Aiman's many curious questions! LOL!

Awesome, isn't it, these exhibition of the computers of yesteryears? LOL! *wink*

Aiman trying out some interactive computer games at the museum. I am sure he must have enjoyed that one since he is now so into computer games.

After spending more than 2 hours at the meseum, which, I pressume, from looking at the photos, that the boys had a great time, and after having lunch at the museum, the boys set out for the Parliment House.

Historically, the Parliment House use to serve as the first seat of the Commonwealth Government of Australia when Australia became a federation in 1901 until 1927, when it moved to Adelaide. Now it serves as the seat of the state of Victoria government.

Next stop - Federation Square. It was envisaged to be the new cultural heart of Melbourne. A place for people to converge, similar to Dataran Merdeka where you can find places to shop, plenty of cafes, a tourist information center, a few small museums, and an Australian Center for the Moving Image (ACMI), which is a museaum/exhibition center on movie making. There is also a big outdoor movie screen.

My hubby told me that they went to Federation Square for a breather before catching a tram back to South Yarra as Aiman was starting to complain of being tired. However, while wandering through the ACMI, he forgot all about being tired when he found that the computer games here are free!

When I met up with my son that evening at the apartment, it was obvious that he had had a great day as he was smiling from ear to ear as he related the day's outing to me.

A great day for him and hubby, and an even more wonderful day for me! *wink*

End of Day Three

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