Friday, March 21, 2008

A long journey and a missing bag!

12 March 2008

I was sick throughout the 8 hour journey on the plane to Melbourne. I slept most of the time, and woke up only when the meals were served. I am glad that Aiman was on his best behavior and spent the entire journey watching the in-flight movies and playing computer games.

We landed at Melbourne Internatioanl Airport at 8.45pm Melbourne time, and while queing up at the immigrations, we were greeted by an sms on my hubby's handphone from Malaysia Airlines saying that one of our luggage had failed to be put on the flight with us. I think that piece of news got me feeling even sicker.

We picked up the luggage that arrived with us, which happens to be the smaller bag of the two, containing some dried noodles, cereal and Aiman's pyjamas and a change of clothes. It just so happens that, that morning, just before leaving for the airport, something tugged at me and I took out a blouse for myself and a T-shirt for my hubby and put them in the smaller bag.

Despite feeling disappointed that our bag containing all our necesssities for the trip did not arrive with us, I still felt blessed that at least we had a change of clothes each rather than having to wear whatever we were wearing on the journey. But, my hubby had to go out to get some toiletries, and we were glad that the apartment we rented was very close by to a 7-11. More to thank for.

As soon as we checked into our apartment, which was already close to 10.00pm, and each one of us freshened up, I started on our first meal in the apartment - in Melbourne - noodle soup in a cup! LOL!

Aiman enjoyed the simple meal. *smile* My hubby went out to get our toiletries and some stuff for breakfast, which included fresh milk and chocolate. Our 3-1 milo got confiscated at the airport despited it being completely sealed. *sigh*

Here's my hubby boiling the milk to make hot chocolate. The kitchenette is kinda cute, and my hubby looks cute boiling milk in the kitchen! LOL! *wink*

End of Day One

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Emily said...

Oh thats the reason for not updating your blog earlier! Hope your trip was fantastic and looking forward to the next chapter! Aiyah the two guys in your life look more than Cute lah!