Friday, March 21, 2008

A prelude to a journey........

First, Aiman fell sick, and then after going out for a family outing after casting our votes on Saturday, 8 March, I came home to a high fever, cough and cold. I popped in some panadol, cough and cold medicine and went to bed.

I woke up Sunday morning feeling slightly better, but the cough and cold did not subside. When there was no improvement by 1.00pm, I decided to pay the clicic near our house a visit. I needed to get better quickly. We were planning to go for a family holiday on Wednesady, and I have not ever sorted the things to pack yet.

Upon coming back from the clicic, I swallowed the medicine and went to bed. I woke up feeling even worse with a very runny nose, a cough so bad that my troat started to get sore, and my fever spiked up. Little did I realised that I had been given medicine that had resulted in my having a full blown gastric problem. I started throwing out so much, that my throat felt so bitter and inflammed, I could not even swallow my own saliva.

I had a meeting to chair on Monday morning, and as I was going to be on leave for a week starting Tuesday, I had to go to work to chair the meeting and settle things. Come the afternoon, I could no longer take it anymore as my cough and cold got even worse. I packed up my things, and headed for the clicic again, this time, to our regular doctor.

He gave some medicine for the gastric problems, but refused to give me anything for my sore throat, despite it being inflamed, as he said that I was already taking too many medication. He said that the antibiotics would care of the throat. It didn't.

All day Tuesady, I slept through out the day, waking up for short periods of time to pack whatever I could. All day Tuesday I was throwing out, no longer food, because I could not hold any food at all, but throwing out wind. I pray that I will be well enough to travel the 8 hour journey to Melbourne, a holiday we had planned some 2 months back.

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