Tuesday, March 25, 2008

THE Stash! *grin*

heheh...the much awaited post by my crafting friends - THE STASH! LOL! *grin*

Yeap, ever since my crafting friends found out that I was missing from the board at NNC, they started guessing where I could be. Heheh...Janet hit it right on the head of the nail when she said that I would be in Melbourne to visit Jess as Jess had mentioned in one of her postings about there being a craft fair coming up in March. Although I made no mention at the board that I was going to Melbourne during those times, but I did mention some time back in early 2007 that I might want to go to Melbourne for our next family vacation.

It was such a coincidence that our family vacation was going to be at the very same week that the Melbourne Stitches and Craft Fair was going to be held! I still could not believe it that I was there with Jess!

Anyway, enough blabbering since I am sure many of my stitching friends have been waiting patiently and wanting to know what I have hauled back from the fair and from my trip to Melbourne, as Jess had said that I looked like a bird of prey going in for the kill, as I went through the charts and fabrics that I wanted to buy! LOL! *grin*

I have already shown a photo of the cottons and felt fabric that I bought at Darn Cheap Fabrics at Glenhuntley before making our way to the craft fair. I have also uploaded photos of the scrapbook papers that I had bought at Lincraft on the day I went out to town on our 4th day in Melbourne.

Now, for the big one..... *wink*

I thought I'd do a close up of the stash that I bought at the fair so that my stitching friends can go goo goo gaga over my haul. *wink*

2 pieces of hand dyed fabric bought at Stitches and Spice, and one bought at another stall which I can't recall the name. I picked out the one in blue as recommended by Naomi, the stall owner, to do the Chatelaine Mandala Garden III - The Watergarden. It kind of remind me of the beautiful gardens found around Melbourne. *smile* Now it's a matter of when am I going to start on it! LOL!

The overdyed silk flosses that matches the two hand dyed fabric bought at Stitches and Spice were given free to me by Naomi as she gives no discount, but since I had bought a lot, they were tokens of appreciation from her. She gave me in matching colours to work my beads on the fabric, so that you wouldn't be able to see the threads. Great idea, huh?

Next are two handbag patterns which I bought just as we were already on our way out. See what Jess means when she said that hadn't she actually dragged me out of there, I might just end up buying everything I see? LOL! *grin*

Ever since I saw The Drawn Thread - The Sanctuary being stitched by Niza some time back, I had been eyeing the chart. So, when I saw the chart in person at Stitches and Spice, I just could not let it go! LOL! I picked up two more - The Prairie Garden and The Alpine Garden.

Actually, I picked out more than these 3, but I had to refrain myself from buying more as there were other charts I wanted, two of them being Altengamme and Neuegamme. Margaret introduced me to these lovely charts and I have been wanting to get them, but they were expensive to buy online.

Of course when I saw two more other charts by the same company - Stickideen von der Wiehenburg, I had to get them too! The two charts are Patchwork Sampler - Serenity, and Tranquilty Sampler. Now you know why Jess said that I looked like a bird of prey going in for the kill? LOL! *wink*

I have recently become a great fan of Little House Needleworks ever since some stitching friends introduced me to it a few months back. I have thus far stitched one design by LHN and hope to stitch many more. So, when I chanced upon these two charts by LHN (above photo, on the left) I had to get them, especially the Home of A Needleworker (too!), as I had stitched the first Home of A Needleworker by LHN when we did the Sisterhood Stitching at NNC. See what I mean when I said that I went crazy picking out the charts? LOL!

Next are charts by Lizzie Kate. These are part of the Living with Charm series currently running at the Lizzie Kate website. I have always liked the series charts by Lizzie Kate, and this one is no exception. I had to get them! LOL!

There will be 12 in a series. So far, 8 has been released - 2 per chart. 4 more will be released throughout the year. Now I have to make my orders online for the rest of the series. Maybe Eli can help me get them? *wink*

Now, for my most satisfying purchase - Chatelaine - the Mandala Gardens!

I have been wanting ..yeah, what else is new *grin*.... to buy the Chatelaine, the Mandala Gardens series for some time, ever since I saw the Maj Mahal Gardens online some time back. So, naturally, when I saw the charts at Stitches and Spice, I got so excited, I could hardly breath! LOL! I think this is also the time that Jess' jaw dropped to the floor as I picked out chart after chart after chart! LOL!

I think I picked out all the Chatelaine charts available at Stitches and Spice, but, after much contemplation, I had to put most of them back into the basket. It was simply going to burst my bank account (if I hadn't already done so with my earlier purchases *grin*) had I bought them all, and I don't think I will have the time to stitch them all! That's my senses knocking me back to reality. *grin*

The 4 Chatelaine charts are The Mandala Gardens I, II, and III - The Knotgarden, The Herbal Garden and The Watergarden. I also bought the Mini Mandalas II. I think I would have gone ahead and bought The Taj Mahal Mandala Garden, which was actually my first choice, but was sold at another stall and which we visited only after I had already made my big purchases at Stitches and Spice, had Jess not given me that 'look' *wink*, and said "Nik!" in a tone of voice like an adult scolding a naughty child. LOL! *grin* That put a stop to my buying and I meekly put back the chart into the basket! LOL!

Oh, I forgot! I have one more thing or rather, 3 more things that I bought at the fair! *grin* I bought 3 pieces of cotton panels which I know for sure I will not be able to find them in Malaysia. Aren't the cats cute? *wink* The bottom one has a country feel to it.

What am I planning to do with the panels? Err.......I have not made up my mind yet. Maybe a table runner? Any suggestions?

So, stitching friends, what do you think of my haul? Awesome, huh? Amazing? Yup! Definitely! LOL! Now this is what I call a real shopping spree! *grin* My mum must be shaking her head in disbelief! LOL! *wink*


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I am speechless....! LOL!! Great haul indeed.

Barbara said...

Thanks so much for no prolonging my agony of not knowing what you've stashed! :)

Amazing!! Just jaw dropping amazing! And the charts are so varied between designers. I share your joy :)