Monday, March 31, 2008

A new beginning......

I have been looking at the stash I brought back from Melbourne almost daily before I go to bed. It gives me such a satisfying feeling! *grin* I must say that it was a good buy, and well worth my trip to the fair! Friends have asked me if I am ever going to start working on any of them. *double grin*

I met up with June, Margaret and Rose on Saturday to show off my stash to them *grin*, and we also looked at some lovely sampler pieces done by Rose.

June said that, looking from the stash that I had brought back, she doubts it that I will be able to do all of them in this life time. True! True! Even if I work on them every spare time that I have, it would still be impossible, so, why did I buy them?

Only my sttching friends will understand the feeling of wanting to buy the charts, as most of them will go through the same feeling at one time of another, unless you are a very disciplined person. *grin*

Actually, I have been wanting to start on the Mandala Gardens since I came back from Melbourne, but, looking at the chart, which comes in a several pages, it got me feeling so intimidated to get started on it.

However, late Saturday night, I mean really late Saturday night, I decided to take the plunge. I thought that if I don't start on it now, I might never start on it at all. So, Saturday night, after the Akademi Fantasia concert (yup, watched that on Saturday night *LOL!*, but I will put in my opinions on the concert in a separate posting), which ended at 11.30pm, I picked up the needle and started stitching! I had company, since my hubby decided to go online too, so, I felt motivated to stay up. I stayed up at till 2.00am!

I just could not put it down! If my eyes didn't start seeing double at 2.00am, I think I would have stayed up even later, but, as my hubby was also getting tired, I decided to call it a night too, but not before I finish just this one more line....... after line, after line.......*grin*

Not much progress yet, but, it's a start, at least. I worked on it too on Sunday morning, before I got breakfast started. Worked on it some more in the evening, before I started preparing dinner.

On another stitching note, I started on this piece by Little House Needleworks, the Gourmet Garden. I actually started on it before I went to Melbourne, because I wanted to bring it with me to stitch while I was in Melbourne. But, due to my poor health, it never came out of the bag. I continued stitching on it while I waited for Aiman to finish his art and engineering class on Saturday.

Also, here is a progress of my DT Sampler Gameboard. I have slowly been working on it. This was supposed to be a SAL with BJ, but, BJ got distracted *wink* by many other samplers introduced by Rose at NNC. I wonder how BJ is doing on hers.

Now, I currently have 4 stitching pieces running at the same time, no, make that 5, if I were to include my Christmas Star piece which I have not touched in the last 6 months, and also the CCN Ice Cream Sundae, which is taking me so long to complete. I just don't know why...too many distractions, perhaps! LOL!

I need to discipline myself so that I can work all 5 pieces in rotation so that they will all be completed eventually, instead of becoming a UFO. *grin*

Wish me luck, and do keep cheering me on!

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Emily said...

Wow, Nik! so many pieces you are working on right now! Your Gameboard is almost complete - 3/4 there! Keep up your fabulous work! Wei? why no picture of the 'Star' piece?