Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Guess what?

I made a booking for the embroidery machine JANOME 350e on Saturday, 20th June 2009!

As this month is the month of my birthday, Epal offered a RM500.00 gift voucher only applicable to buy a JANOME sewing machine of any model. I offered the voucher to members of NNC when I first got it, but, after two weeks, no one took up the offer. So, when I went to class last Saturday, I offered it to Ain at Epal should anyone wants to buy a machine, to pass it on to that person.

I told Ain that I would be interested to get the embroidery machine, but not now as I have yet to finish installment payment by credit card on the MC6500 machine I bought in September last year. Rather than let the voucher go to waste, I'd rather offer it to someone who wants to buy the machine this month as the voucher is valid only for this month. That was when Ain suggested that I make a booking for it by putting a downpayment for it and use the voucher to get the RM500.00 rebate.

I did not know that it was possible - make a booking to use up the voucher. I thought about it while I was doing my project in class, all the time contemplating if I should. LOL!

A lady there who bought her 350e machine in January was telling me all about the good side of having the machine, and what she has been achieveing and making with the machine. By the time it was time for me to go home, which was 2 1/2 hours later, I still have not exactly made up my mind, though I was getting even more tempted! LOL!

I kept thinking when in the world am I going to find time to use the machine to embroider anything, as even the MC6500 that I have now I have neglected to use for the past 2 months when things got rather hectic lately at work and at home.

I don't exactly know what made me finally make up my mind to book the machine, but I think it has something to do with the fact that I can pay by CC instalment, and also that I can come in and pay any amount each month until I am ready to get the machine if I want to lessen the amount at the end of the day before finally making the final payment.

Flexibility in payment does make it attractive, something which Sakura could not offer. That's what made me buy the MC6500 last year. If not, I would have purchased the BERNINA a very long time ago. *grin*

When I came home and told my hubby about it, he was very supportive of my decision. In fact, he was quite intrigued with the offers that comes with the machine - a one year free classes, 19 project kits and a Home Business plan, among others. Thanks, hubby! Love ya! Muah!

With his support, I am getting excited, and can't wait for when I will finish paying for my earlier machine! LOL! I am already dreaming of it, and what projects I can do! LOL!

So, Tini, I am joining your club come December or so (have not decided when exactly I will fully purchase the machine) though not necessary in your league as I doubt it if I can make all those wonderful things that you have been making.

Oh BOY! Did I really made a booking for the machine? Oopps! LOL! *blush*


Zarina said...

Nik - does Epal have serger machine? Now that I have the intention of making clothes (children) in the long run, I may want to invest in it.

Za said...

Hi Zarina!

Epal does sell the serger machine under the name MyLock or something. Tini told me it cost RM2499 or something. I asked her about it just last week. Wanted to get that to use up my RM500.00 voucher, but ordered the embroidery machine instead. No regrets there though.

But, why do you want to buy a serging machine when the MC6500 can do serging, and I am very pleased with the results. I think they came out better than the serging machine at Epal as I have tried that machine b4 when I was learning to make baju kurung last year.