Tuesday, September 01, 2009

OMG! I actually did it! Quick! Pinch me!

I got an `Aras IV' (in normal terms, that means a 4.0 flat) for my PTK!

My hubby called to say that the results were out at 10.00am this morning, and the results were being revealed via online. I had to key in my IC number before I could access my results.

The first time I saw the results, I could not belief what I saw before me. I logged out and logged in again. Still I could not belief it, and logged out and in again for the 3rd time. I was like shaking in disbelief to see the results. LOL!

When a colleague told me in the morning that only 14 out of 230 that sat for the PTK scored `Aras IV', little did I think that one of the 14 would be me, because during my schooldays, I was an average student and I have never before been ranked as a top student or top scorer, unlike my brother, Nik Ai, who has always been a top student right from the day he started school.

All I wanted was to pass my PTK so that I can be confirmed into my post and move up the ranks should an opening be made available. I was also initially shaking when I first keyed in my IC, but it was more because as I was afraid of the worse. Then my friend said that sooner or later, I would still have to know my results, so might as well know now then later. Only then did when I click on the SEND button. LOL!

Even after logging in 3 times to see the results, I still could not belief it. I actually called up my hubby to ask him to key in my IC and see if he will also see the same results! LOL! Unfortunately, he could not access the internet from his office.

Hilarious, huh, but I was shaking like it was freezing! LOL! But, it is because my department is known to have set very high standards when it comes to PTKs, and for me to actually get a 4.0 flat for the tough PTK was something like almost a dream - really unbelievable! I did it! All the hard work paid off!

I didn't even call my mum immediately for fear that I could only be dreaming! LOL! It was only after I met a friend and she told me, among the architects, only 4 out of the 14 got 'Aras IV' and she named me as one of them and congratulated me, only then did I finally belief that what I saw online was real! LOL!

It was also later confirmed when one of the panel of examiners called me up to personally congratulate me! He said that I deserved it as I gave a good presentation for my project presentation and english public speaking.

It was really nice of him to say that, and it really made me feel so good!

It was only then did I call up my mum to tell her the good news - more than 3 hours later! LOL!

Thanks, Sabariah, for breaking the news at NNC. I wanted to share my joy, but I was afraid that I might be considered as boasting. *blush* Thanks, Lin, for putting it up at Facebook.

Thanks, everyone, for the congratulatory wishes!

Once again, I must thank my hubby for being patient with me, and for being there for me, for being my rock and for just sitting next to me, giving me moral support, late into the night, as I went through the stress, preparing all the assignments, presentations and exams.

I made it! Phew!

I am claiming a bar of KitKat from my son! LOL!

The week that I was taking my PTK, I explained to Aiman not to disturb me too much as mummy is going to be busy preparing for presentations, paper work and exams.

That was when he said that if I get an 'A', he will buy me a bar of KitKat. When I asked him where is he going to get the money to buy the chocolates, he said that Abah (my hubby) will buy it for him. LOL!

When I told my hubby about it, he said to Aiman, "I am? You made a promise, but I have to buy it?" LOL!

So, looks like I'll be having KitKat for dessert tonight! *wink*


Salmi said...

Congrats Sis !

Barbara J said...

Congratulations Nik! Well deserved too :)

syima said...

Congratulations kak! Your hard efforts had finally paid off...Mesti lain rasa KitkAt tu ya

Ying Pang, said...

congratulations Nik, I had the same reaction with you when I got IV last time :-)


eli said...

Wow, I'm so proud of you Kak Nun!! Congratulations! Enjoy your kitkat ;)

nikai said...

Thanks for the special mention. I'm proud of you too. It's a special achievement at that level.

Azman said...

Congrats Sayang...took one of your Kitkat for 'more'...

Datin Nik Zaharah said...

I am such a lucky mother! Wow, Congratulations Nun. I am so happy for you. I know you always did your best and now you are trully well rewarded. I pray that you get your promotion soon.Love you and May Allah Bless you and your family always.

Emily said...

Heartiest Congratulations! Like I said times before... with professionals like you Nik, we can sleep soundly! Great Job! 4 pointer!

Azie said...

congrats ! i'm happy for you for scoring 4.0 flat..

Emily said...

Sorry! 4.0 flat!

Asmahani said...

Owh! Aiman is so sweet... congratulations!

Za said...

Thank you, Syima, Salmi, BJ, Ying, Emily, Azie and Asmahani for the congratulatory wishes!

Thanks, Nik Ai, Eli and Ma for the congratulatory wishes too!

Yes, Ma, I am lucky to have you for a mum too, and Nik Ai for a brother, and Eli for a SIL. *smile*

Thanks to Lin too for putting it up the good news at her Facebook.

Dia, love you for putting up with me during those two weeks! I couldn't have done it without your understanding and patience. I really appreciate it! Muaah!

hugs, everyone!

Anonymous said...

Congratulation Nik..


... ... ... ... ... ... nik elin said...


Biblo said...

Congrats, Nik. It was nice to share your joy early this morning eventhough its days late... LOL!!!

Biblo said...

Ops!! More like weeks late... LOL!!!