Thursday, September 24, 2009

The breaking of fast at my mum’s new condo!

Yup! My mum has moved into her new condominium just before the fasting month.

As she had accumulated so much over the years, her condo is filled to the brim with furniture and things, it was amazing that there was still room to move around! LOL! *wink*

Anyway, I am not about to talk about the new condo as I forgot to take photos of the place in my excitement on seeing all the yummy food spread on the table for the breaking of fast! LOL!

Just look at the photos!

My mouth is watering just looking at them and I am fasting today!

I can’t wait for the weekend to cook some of the food I had for breaking of fast at my mum’s condo, but, it won’t be the same without my mum and siblings around. My brother Ayis and family came home. So did my brother Azan. My sister Lin was not around when we broke fast together as she was in Hong Kong with a friend.

My sister Chik and her hubby and two kids joined us for the breaking of fast and we had so much fun catching up on things. We made a lot of noise as we talked and enjoyed the food. The food was so delicious, I just couldn’t get enough of them! I must try to make one of two of the dishes soon! Oh! And I MUST have the BUDU! *grin*

After breaking of fast, we left for my sister’s house as we were spending the night there as my mum’s house has no more vacancy! It works out fine actually as I had already made plans to do the cream cheese frosting with my sister for the carrot cake I made and brought all the way from Kuala Lumpur!

Seen here is my son putting on the final finishing. He loves putting on the embellishments on the cake using coloured sprinklers.

Here's the final product.....

We retired to bed early that first night in Kota Bahru as we have had a long day.

Coming up next, It’s Raya in Kota Bahru!

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eli said...

I miss that bunga kunyit, Ma always has lots of ulam-ulaman.

When I look at yr carrot cake, I always feel like trying to bake it one day but so far it never happened :P..