Thursday, September 17, 2009

A raya gift and a present for getting a 4.0!

I received the loveliest gift from Radha on 15th September 2009 in the form of a soft sweet pink hairpinlace neckscarf!

Radha said that it is a raya gift as well as a gift for doing well in my recent PTK! I feel like an excited kid that just got a gift from her mummy! LOL! *wink*

It was a gift I never expected, and it was so sweet and thoughtful of Radha to think of me during her recent holiday trip to Europe as she told me that she bought the wool for the scarf at Hobbycraft, a shop I hope to someday visit, but when, only God will know!

Thank you so much, Radha! It is so lovely and sweet! Really love it! It's so PINK! It's so sweet! It's so ME! LOL!

But, I was quite shocked when I saw the packaging. The box came wrapped in plastic and chopped "Dijumpai terbuka/terkoyak dan ditampal semula dengan rasminya pada 4 Sep 2009" (Found opened/torn and rewrapped again officially on 4th Sept 2009).

The postal people in Kedah must be one curious lot as Margaret told me that a gift she received from Radha also had the same notation.

I wonder what were they hope to find.....

Anyway, I am glad that nothing is missing, and I received the package safely, after all the hard work that Radha had put into it.

Thanks again, Radha! Hugs!

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