Saturday, September 26, 2009

Raya in Kota Bharu!

We woke up early to go for the Raya prayers at Masjid Teliput, an old mosque that has gone through many renovations and extensions, but still, on festive days like raya, it still could not fit in everyone. Many late comers had to pray on the tarmac parking lot of the mosque. My niece, Adriana, and I had to pray at the terrace area of the mosque.

After prayers, we went back to my sister, Adura’s (affectionately known as Chik) house for breakfast. Unfortunately I forgot to snap photos of the food that she had laid out. I must either be hungry or, the food must look so delicious (it really was delicious, especially her rending and kuah kacang) that we just dived into it without pausing to take photos! LOL!

After breakfast, we had a family photo session. Seen here is Aiman playing around with his Abah’s camera.

But, what I want to show you here is the small scar on Aiman’s left temple, a scar he got when rolls of fabric fell on him the day before when I was choosing my fabric to make my mum’s bed sheet cover.

My hubby said that it was a ‘heroic act’ on Aiman’s part because as the rolls of fabric was about to fall on his 18 month old cousin Fatin, he braced it with his body to protect her, but as the rolls were at the very height of his eyes and were heavy, they still toppled over, hitting his temple. I am just glad that it did not hit his eyes.

I had put ointment on it the night before and had wanted to put some more ointment in the morning, but Aiman wouldn’t let me. He doesn’t want the scar to go off too quickly. He wants to show it off to his Atuk in Kuala Lumpur.

My hubby said that it is a boy thing. A scar is considered macho, as opposed to girls, as I am sure we, girls, wouldn’t want even a tiny scar on our face, especially on raya day! LOL!

After many rounds of family photo taking, we made our way to my mum’s condo.

It was another round, or shall I say, many more rounds of family photo taking, with lots of laughter and joy, as always is whenever all my mum’s children meet up. The only missing sibling is my brother NikAi and his family who are in the US.

After the usual tradition of asking for forgiveness and giving out`duit raya’ to the younger generation and my mum, we finally sat down to another round of breakfast.

My mum’s table was again laid out with yummy food consisting of Nasi Dagang, Gulai Ikan Tongkol, Kari Ayam and all the accompaniments. My mum also made Pulut Kunyit which I requested as a note of thankfulness (tanda kesyukuran) for getting an Aras IV for my recent PTK.

My mouth is watering again just looking at the food! LOL!

Coming up next, Raya Open House at Burswood!

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