Saturday, September 26, 2009

Raya Open House at Burswood!

Sounds like we just went overseas for Raya, right, with the name Burswood? LOL!

Actually, that’s the name of my sister’s house. She had named it after a place she visited while holidaying in Australia many many years ago.

My sister’s house is a lovely bungalow built on a corner lot given by my mum many years ago. I love the layout of her house and hope to own a bungalow too someday, even if it’s a small one, for as long as it can fulfill all our requirements.

My sisters and I, and my two brothers all have a plot of land in a row next to my sister’s, thanks to my mum’s gift of love, but, at the moment, only my sister Chik (Adura) has built a house on her piece of land when she first started a business in Kota Bharu with her hubby many years ago.

I hope to make something out of my piece of land soon. I have had some initial discussions with my sister and brother-in-law while in Kota Bharu, and I hope that it will materialize into something that would bring me in some extra cash, rather than just having it laying there looking abandoned.

Anyone interested to rent it out for agriculture or to set up workshops or something? *wink*

Ooppps! I am digressing! Sorry!

Anyway, back to the Raya Open House at Burswood, my sister had an Open House on Monday, 21st September starting from 2.00pm. She had ordered Nasi Briyanni and all it’s accompaniments for the Open House from a restaurant, which according to her, is quite well known in Kota Bharu, but I have forgotten the name of the restaurant.

She made Chocolate Cake, and I had made a Carrot Cake for her too which I brought back all the way from Kuala Lumpur. She also made Apple Crumble and Custard Sauce.

She had also ordered Roti Jala and Kari Ayam, but, at 10.00am, the ‘caterer’ (not the same as the briyanni caterer) called to say that she is not up to making the Roti Jala and curry as she is too tired from all the visiting she made the day before!

Can you imagine that? Terrible, huh, telling your customer just hours before the function that you are simply too tired to fulfill the order? Uurrgghh!

She isn’t actually a professional caterer, but is a friend of a friend doing it part time who was recommended by a neighbour, but still, she agreed to make the food when my sister asked. She could have refused had she expected that she was going to be tired knowing very well how first day raya usually is. For sure this will definitely be the 1st and last time that my sister will ever be ordering from her again.

Immediately after getting the call, my sister immediately called the briyanni caterer to ask if she could add to her orders, but, unfortunately, the caterer was only able to accommodate an extra 10 more persons as all the cooking was almost done. Still, it was better than none at all.

My sister immediately got to work to bake more Apple Crumble to make up for the Roti Jala which wasn’t coming.

Everything was all done and ready just in the nick of time giving my sister just enough time to bath and get ready before the first guest starting arriving just slightly after 2.00pm.

Just look at the food spread on my sisters’ dining table!

My mouth is once again getting watering looking at all those yummy foods!

I lost 3 kg during the fasting month, but looks like I will be gaining 5 kg after the raya season is over! LOL!

Here are some photos of the relatives and friends who came for the open house…

From left, Aimeer (my sister’s son) seen here with my sister, a cousin’s daughter who I can’t recall her name, and my cousin Kak Ti, having a conversation with my mum.

From left, my brother Azan with our cousin Ima, and her two daughters, Bayu and Senja. Lovely and unique names, right?

My brother Ayis with his wife, Sufia and daughter Fatin.

My cousin Ima (in greenish blue) surrounded, from left, niece Kuyana, Senja (Ima’s daughter) and niece Kuyasmin.

I can’t recall who the person on the far left is but the lady in the pink baju kurung is my cousin Kak Na and her hubby, Abang Hafiz with their son, Farhan.

Some friends of my sister seen here with my brother Azan and mum and standing behind my hubby is my brother-in-law, Rizdwan (Chik’s hubby).

From left, moi (that means 'me' in french) with cousin Kak Na, sisters, Chik (in purple) and Lin (in white) and cousin Ima.

From Left, my aunt Fini (yup, she’s our young aunt), sister Lin and grand aunt Re’ (Fini’s mum).

My nieces, Adrianna or affectionatekly known as Nana and Kuyasmin. They both look like two peas in a pod. They both love pink too!

All in the family.......from left, Lin, moi, Chik, Azan and mum.

It was great meeting up with relatives whom some we have not met for a very long time.

The food was great albeit my sister went into a panic mode earlier in the day, but everything in the end turned out well.

Coming up next, the 12 ½ hour journey back to Kuala Lumpur!

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