Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A grueling 12 ½ hour journey back to Kuala Lumpur!

We thought that by driving back to Kuala Lumpur on the 3rd day of Hari Raya, the traffic would be less as people might still be on holiday and still going visiting. But, we couldn’t be more wrong!

The traffic jam started even less than 1 hour after we left my mum’s condo in Kota Bharu at about 11.30am.

Even the traffic in the opposite direction going towards Kota Bharu was jammed packed.

Originally, the plan was to take Route 8 south to Gua Musang and then take the Lojing-Tanah Rata-Simpang Pulai link and connect to the NSE near Ipoh. However, due to the jam in Machang to Kuala Kerai, my hubby decided to detour via Tanah Merah to Jeli.

From Jeli we took a small kampung Road labeled Route 66 (or “Jalan BN...” as was written on a placed in the middle of a sink hole LOL! *grin*) south to Dabong and finally to Gua Musang.

It took us a grueling 7 hours to get from Kota Bharu to the borders of Pahang.

I managed to take a photo of a scenery I hardly see here in Kuala Lumpur. It was so serene and mysterious.

But, there were also scenes I wish it wasn’t happening here in Malaysia. Hills after hills of virgin forest were savagely raped to make way for what they call agricultural purposes.

It was sad to see such sights, all in the name of agriculture. I wonder why the authorities are not doing anything about it. *sad*

From Gua Musang we continued as planned, taking the mountain road west and stopping near Tanah Rata to buy fresh veggies and white coffee and to do our prayers.

My hubby said the refreshingly cold mountain water he took for his wuduk really perked him up such that he was able to stay awake until we reached our home!

I think he forgot that he had a lot of help from me *wink* as I hardly took a nap throughout the journey to make sure that he stays alert and awake by talking and chatting with him until I could no longer think of a topic to talk about anymore! LOL!

What do you expect, especially when we had already traveled for more than 10 hours already? LOL!

Someone told me that men talks only 7,000 words a day, compared to women who talks more than 35,000 words a day. But, I think that day, I spoke more than 70,000 words! LOL!

No wonder I was dead tired the next day and spoke little! I had used up the next days words already! LOL!

Anyway, we stopped by for dinner and to do our prayers at the Tapah Rest Area at about 9.00 pm. After about a 30 minutes break, we carried on our journey and arrived safely at slightly passed midnight! A grueling 12 ½ hour journey back to Kuala Lumpur!

That wasn’t the worse. The worse was 4 years ago when our journey from Kota Bharu to Kuala Lumpur took us 16 hours. We left Kota Bharu at 10.00am and arrived in Kuala Lumpur at 2.00am the next day! The journey from Kota Bharu to Gua Musang which normally takes only 2 hours on a normal day took us 6 hours!

When my son was getting restless, I told him to take a nap and said to him that when he gets up, we would arrive by then. He took a nap 4 times before we finally arrived home! LOL!

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