Sunday, September 27, 2009

Dinner at Kemaman Kopitiam, but in Kota Bharu!

Kemaman is a town in Terengganu, but we are in Kelantan, so, we got curious when we chanced upon this café on our last night in Kota Bharu for raya.

Looks like it had just opened for business as there were many telltale signs like a banner saying `KINI DIBUKA’ (now open) and the service by the waiters will tell you that they don’t have much experience yet dealing with the customers needs, whims and fancies.

We were just driving around town to see how traffic was at 9.00pm on the 2nd day of raya, and what else is new in town since our last trip back, when we chanced upon this newly opened café.

My son was spending the night at my mum’s house. He had followed my sister Lin back from my sister Chik’s house after the open house.

Aiman and KuMiki (my sister Lin’s son) just could not get enough of playing with each other, and Miki cried when my sister said that it’s time to go home, so, my sister asked if Aiman to come home with Miki.

When we said yes, but on the condition that the PSP stays home since they have been playing the PSP all afternoon, Miki cried again. Hmm…I wonder if it is Aiman that he wants to play with or the PSP? LOL! *grin*

Back to the café again, we were impressed with the marketing strategy as the shop was not only selling the food served, but also some other paraphernalia as souvenirs.

There were caps, aprons, T-shirts, 3-in-1 coffee packets and many more. They were even selling old time cups and saucers! I was even tempted to get a set! LOL! But managed to resist it! LOL! *grin*

However, with all the sales gimmick, the food was a little bit of a let down.

I ordered Curry Laksa, and it was nothing to shout about though I like the big pieces of prawns and chicken.

My hubby ordered the Hainanese Chicken Chop and he was a little disappointed with the taste, and it took them close to 30 minutes to serve it up. It was definitely not worth the wait.

My hubby also commented that there were more fritters than chicken as they had overdone it with the batter to fry the chicken.

This interesting looking cup with a tea pot on top is Vietnamese black coffee. My hubby didn’t like it either.

Oh, another thing, when my hubby asked for salt and pepper, all they had was pepper. They didn’t have any salt shaker, and, so did not serve the salt. *sigh*

They sure have lots to learn and they’d better be learning fast if they want to survive in this competitive world.

Sorry, got side tracked a bit, but, next posting is on the trip back to Kuala Lumpur as promised!

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