Sunday, January 03, 2010

A room with a view

I have sort of settled down in my new office despite the fact that we have no telephone lines and no internet connection. I can only be contacted via my handphone, and I am using my mobile broadband to go online to check my emails and to update our project reporting.

We still can’t hold our meetings at the new office as our conference table still could not be set up due to missing parts, and the administrative office has yet to tell us how to arrange for light refreshments for the meetings. If I really need to have one, I will have to buy from outside and bring them in.

At the moment, I am holding all my meetings at the site office for projects already on the ground, and for projects at the planning stage, I am holding them at my client department’s office, courtesy of our client.

I have unpacked all my 22 boxes (they are very small boxes, mind you! LOL! *wink*) and have sort of organised them the best I can with limited cabinet spaces.

My old office was furnished with built-in cabinets, but now I have to buy my own loose cabinets in order to get my books and files sorted out and organised.

My office is looking good. I have a small discussion area which is nice to have as I can accommodate up to 5 people for mini discussions without having to leave my room.

The seating area is now more comfortable, compared to the one at my previous office as it can now seat more people, and is now more presentable. I just need to get a coffee table so that those visiting me have a place to put their files and handbags/briefcases.

My only other problem besides the telecommunication problem is that my office has no blinds, and my room is facing the morning sun. It gets really hot in the morning and the glare from the sun’s rays gives me a headache very early in the morning.

My staffs have tried to minimise the glare by putting up recycled bubble wraps on the wide glass panels, but the effect is minimal. I could hardly see the screen of my computer from the glare, and my room gets really hot when it is almost noon.

The staff area is so much cooler, that I am contemplating of setting up a small area for myself in the staff area where it is still vacant for me to work when the room gets really hot.

But, the best part of my room is the VIEW!!

Yup! I might not have the corner lot like most of the other bosses have, but, I get quite a good view of KLCC, The Vistana Hotel, and my room is overlooking the LRT/Monorail Station!

Unfortunately, when the photo was taken, it was a gloomy day as it was about to rain.

I also have a view of the Istana Budaya, Balai Seni Lukis Budaya and the Perpustakaan Negara, all of them being projects under my management! People were teasing me that I can manage the projects just by looking out the window using a telescope! LOL!

But, of course I am not about to do that! LOL!

I also have a not so good view of the dilapidated Pekeliling Flats. I wonder why the authorities has not taken any action to demolish this awful looking sight.

The LRT and Monorail Station being linked to my building makes going to town such a breeze! I had already taken the LRT to town twice already last week to find lunch.

Yup! I have no choice but to go out for lunch as we still have no canteen in our building. I don’t know if we will have one, though a space has already been allocated for a canteen on the ground floor.

I am sure I will adjust soon enough to whatever shortcomings of the building. I am hoping to have a great stay at the building, with lots of success in this New Year 2010.

I wish everyone a great year ahead!