Saturday, January 23, 2010

Shuffle Milikku dan Kau & Aku - my humble opinion

I happen to catch this telemovie last night - Shuffle Milikku, where Aril (yup! I am still a fan of Aril despite AF7 being long gone, and AF8 coming up already! LOL! *blush*) was the lead actor along with Yazid in a supporting role. It was a simple yet sweet telemovie. Touching to a certain extent.

It wasn't the greatest telemovie and probably won't win any wards, but I find the movie better casted (Aril's was better paired with this girl, Roza - I don't know her real name - compared to Mila in "Kau dan Aku", in my humble opinion) and the script better written. The story line was much better thought off, compared to the hurried-made "Kau dan Aku". Definitely, it is a better drama to watch compared to "Kau dan Aku" where I watch it only so that I can watch Aril! LOL! *blush*

I wondered why Astro never promoted it. I only happen to catch it while flipping the channels finding what to watch. Aril played his part well, and so did Yazid. The acting wasn't overdone, unlike the acting in "Kau dan Aku".

I felt that "Kau dan Aku" was done in a hurry without much thought to the storyline, the script and the casting. The acting was overdone - overacting, is that is the right word to use. The actors and actresses were not well casted. I felt that right from day one that Mila simply did not suit the part of Aril's girlfriend, where Aril is so crazily in love with her. Farah and Anita were too much overacting, and the storyline was simply childish. Maybe teenagers would appreciate it, but I felt that Astro was too much trying to imitate High School Musical, only it turned out almost a flop. This is just my humble opinion.

It did not give justice to the kids' talents, I think, unless the actors and actresses are actually bad actors and actresses. But, watching "Shuffle Milikku", I think Aril can act.

I think Astro was in a hurry to take advantage of the AF kids' popularity. Remember that they did the drama immediately after the AF season was over? They knew that it would bring in a lot of viewers. I sometimes cringe at some of the scenes, and would usually do other things while I wait for scenes when only Aril appears. I skip all the other overacting scenes, especialy those with Noni and her ever sleepy eyes, and Farah's exaggerated acting. Again, this is just my humble opinion and obsevation.

BTW, I even caught this new program "Rocket Bintang" or something like that just before the telemovie "Shuffle Milikku", and I think Tiara was trying to do too much overacting, especially when she scolded Aril, Hafiz and Akim for not turning up for practice on the first day.

I think it was an act to make it look dramatic. If I have read about Aril correctly, he is said to very professional when it comes to work, so it is not possible that he would forget to attend rehearsal classes, especially on the first day of their stay at this exclusive Enfinity Condo or something.

I think Tiara is dramatizing again like she did on AF7 when she announced the AFMASUK time. I pity that the kids are being used again. *sigh*


Rozita said...

I missed it! I saw it in the Astro magazine but forgot all abt it..I thought it was going to be on tonight at 11pm or something..I kind of remember the date supposed to be later in the month..
hmm..balik rumah nk check programme ni..
AF7..I only watch the final..but Aril got my attention..hehehe I think he's interesting..

Za said...

I dah lama tak buka Astro mag. Bila nak cari programme, baru tercari-cari the mag! LOL!

Yup! I like his style of performance. Makes me wait for the unexpected each time he performs.