Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Lucky Draw gift for Radha and a new year gift for mum

NNC recently held a Lucky Draw for 2009, and the winner was RADHA!

For the Lucky Draw, everyone who participated is required to commit a prize which must be handmade to be sent to the lucky winner. For 2008, Janet was the winner, and for 2009, Radha from Kedah was the winner and she won 11 prizes altogether as there were 12 participants!

I can only imagine the excitement that Radha must be going through at receiving all those 11 gifts! It must be like her birthday came very very very early this year! LOL! She has been receiving the gifts since December 24th and more are coming as there are still a few who have not been able to send it on time at the stated date.

I only wish it had been me who is the lucky winner, but, I have never been one to win when it comes to Lucky Draws, except that maybe one time when I won a draw at Mel’s blog giveaway! That was a shock, not only to me, but Mel herself! LOL! *wink*

Anyway, here is something I made for Radha for the Lucky Draw.

I had actually made something else, but, when Radha’s name was drawn, I decided to do something special for her instead.

I hope she likes it and will find many uses for both the pouch and pencil case.

On another sewing project, I made my mum this praying mat bag.

My mum stayed with me when Aiman went for his circumcision (I blogged about it here) and during that time she was admiring the praying mat bag that I had learnt to make at Epal. She made copies of my notes and took lots of photographs of the bag, and went home to Kota Bharu to try to make one herself.

But, after much trying, she could not figure out some of the instructions. I don’t blame her. Epal has problems when it comes to some of the instructions that comes with their kits. Even after my complains, they did seem to be doing anything to improve it.

I tried to talk my mum through the process of making the bag over the phone, but it was difficult when the paper instructions were confusing.

So, I finally decided to make one for her and mailed them over so that she has something to refer to in order to finish the bag she started.

I had actually intended to make her a praying mat bag, but I had wanted to wait until her birthday, or, at least until Mother’s Day. But, as it turned out, it looks like it has become a New Year Gift instead. *grin*

I hope she likes it. I am very pleased with the results. I am especially happy with my choice of fabric which I had bought at Sakura. I think the fabric is really sweet despite it being in brown.

I also like the sejadah (praying mat) that I had bought at Jalan Masjid India.

I think it matched the bag almost to a T! Don’t you think so? *wink*


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ShannyK-L said...

Well done Nik! I'm sure your mum would love it and will be very proud to use it as well. She'll be telling everyone that her darling daughter made it specially for her! :)

I think that's a spam. he/she's promoting pretty ladies etc....

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