Sunday, January 24, 2010

Going on a diet!

No! No! Not the food diet! Well, I think I should go on the food diet too, but, not today, not now. *grin*

Today I am going to start on a Stash Shopping Diet! *grin* Believe me, I am! *grin* Yeah! Right! My stitching friends are going to shake their heads in disbelieve, knowing how much willpower I will need to get myself disciplined to really not stash, knowing very well how much I love to stash when it comes to my hobbies! LOL!

This evening, instead of going for my class at Epal to finish off my Telekung (Praying atttire) project, I decided to stay home and get my stash organised, as my son was not yet fit to attend his Robotics class. He still has not fully recovered from his chicken pox. He still has a few more scabs on his face and hands, and we did not want to take the risk of infecting any of the other kids at his Robotics class.

So, while my son and hubby took an afternoon nap, I decided to go through my fabric stash, and try to sort them out according to colours, or, at least, try to get them sorted out.

I spent almost 3 hours going through my stash before I finally got everything all neatly folded and nicely stacked up, although I did not finish organising them into their respective colours. I was beginning to get tired, and hungry! LOL! I must have used up all the energy from lunch to sort out all my stash! LOL! Goes to show you how much fabric stash I have! LOL!

To tell you honestly, though embarssingly, I think I have enough stash to last me more than a lifetime! If I were to convert them into bags, I think I can make maybe close to 50 bags, or maybe more! *blush*

It’s time I really start seriously thinking about turning my hobby into a money making business! Only then I will be able to use up as much of my stash as possible, and then, maybe after that, start buying more stash! Oopps! NO! LOL! *wink*

Here’s part of the stash.

The top photo shows fabrics bought at Nagoya and Kamdar. The bottom photo shows fabrics bought either at Sakura or Quilt Gallery.

The photos were taken when I first starting sorting out my stash, After going through 4 drawers of stash, I got too tired to take any more photographs! LOL! *blush* I was also getting too embarrassed and guilty to show off how much stash I actually have! LOL! *grin*

Definitely I am going on a Stash Shopping Diet, in that I will try to refrain myself from buying anymore fabrics! least for this year! LOL! But, notions like zips, buttons, threads, etc, I will still need to buy in order for me to make my bags and other projects.

So, will I succeed? *wink* Wish me luck!


Astrid said...

I'm so envious! All that yummy stash!!!! You have deserved it Nik! A gift to yourself for working hard!

ShannyK-L said...

LOL! stay strong Nik! :D I'm sure you'll get through these "hard to resist" times....

Janet C said...

Woohoo....nice stash! Happy 'dieting' *wink + wicked grin* lol

Za said...

Thanks for the support, everyone!

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