Sunday, January 10, 2010

An all day...well, almost....birthday celebration!

It was my hubby’s birthday, yesterday, 9th January 2010. It is the first birthday in my and my hubby’s family for the year.

We had an almost all day celebration when we started out of the house as early as 9.40am, but, it was to send my son for his usual Saturday classes first. In the mean time, my hubby went for a workout at the gym while I ran some errands in Bangsar.

My hubby picked up my son and I at 12.30 noon and we headed for Midvalley for a birthday lunch at the DOME, a choice my hubby made.

It’s been a very long time since we last went to Midvalley Megamall, and a lot of things had changed since my last visit there. For one, I didn’t realise that the Food Court, Oasis, had been shifted to where the IT Center was, and the IT Center was moved to where Oasis used to be.

I could not find the IT shop that I use to frequent as I needed for the shop assistant to take a look at my HTC PDA phone which I couldn’t get it to work with my PC which I had just recently upgraded to Windows 7. *sigh*

Anyway, back to our birthday lunch celebration at the Dome, we had a scrumptious meal that made everyone feel like a big fat snake that had just eaten a whole goat! LOL!

My son, as usual, ordered the Fish and Chips, as he would whenever we dine at a western restaurant.

The helping was, oh my, huge! Aiman only managed to finish off the fish, but not the chips. Next time we shall order the kids meal so that it will be proportionate to Aiman’s tummy! LOL!

My hubby ordered the Beef Burger, which we thought would come quite fast, but, it was the last order to arrive.

Ironic, huh, that a burger took longer to prepare compared to the Fish and Chips?

As for my meal, I ordered my favourite Pastry Chicken Pie. Yum!

But, I noticed that the veggies have sort of shrunk in size to half. In fact, even the veggies were different. It used to be broccoli and baby carrots. Now it’s just zucchini, sliced baby aubergines and cherry tomatoes. I love veggies and find the helping really small.

My hubby and I also shared a plate of Cajun Chicken Salad, which was quite delicious, though the chicken pieces were cut too big. It wouldn’t fit a mouthful. We had to cut it further into smaller pieces.

I had wanted to order a small birthday cake for my hubby, but he declined because he was really feeling full from the main dish, and so were we. So, we skipped the birthday cake part yesterday, but, this morning, my hubby said that no one sang him a birthday song yesterday, even though I and my son wished him happy birthday many times throughout the day! LOL!

So, my son actually sang him a very short birthday song this morning while we had our breakfast! LOL!

Seen here is my hubby with the gift I bought him. My son and I also gave him a birthday card each, but the photo was too blurry to be uploaded here.

After lunch, my hubby wanted to watch a movie. While he went to buy the tickets with my son, I managed to do some shopping for some computer stuff. After that, we dropped by MPH to get some birthday gifts for a cousin’s son’s birthday coming up next week.

I also managed to get myself 5 quilting magazines! I just couldn’t resist it, especially when some of the mags featured some bags which I think I could make.

After we did our prayers, we headed on to the cinema to watch AVATAR!!

As the cinema was full, my hubby only managed to get the front most seats where I felt like as if we were practically IN THE MOVIE itself! LOL! I felt dizzy from being in Pandora! LOL!

It was a good movie, though there were several times when I felt dizzy at some of the close-up scenes, as like I said, I felt like I was part of the movie with the choppers and mothership flying around above my head! LOL! *grin*

I summed it up as a very sweet science fiction movie. It was truly enjoyable. Not too much out of the world concept, neither was it a movie too mushy that it would make my son get up and down in his seat as he would whenever he watches a movie with kissing scenes. LOL! *grin*

The movie ended at close to 8.30pm, and by the time we arrived home, it was close to 9.30pm. Everyone was tired from the all day outing, and my hubby proposed that we just have mee maggi for dinner. *grin*

So, a birthday celebration that started out with a big scrumptious lunch at the Dome, with a great movie in between, ended with a simple maggi mee for dinner! LOL! How contrasting can that be! LOL!

But, I hope that my hubby have had a great birthday. I wish him all the best and may all his good wishes come true, and may this year and years ahead bring him lots of great things.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Dia! Lots of hugs and kisses!

Oh, BTW, I am looking forward to watching Ironman 2 and Sherlock Holmes next, both featuring Robert Downey Jr, and My Spy Next Door, featuring Jackie Chan. All 3 movies look fun and hilarious, especially when played by Robert Downey Jr! Can’t wait!

So, Dia, when’s our next date? *wink*

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