Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A request all the way from the US!

After getting a special request from Idah, my hubby’s cousin to make her 2 bags, I got another request almost soon after that, but this time coming all the way from Diane in the United States of America! She must have been impressed with the sample bags I made for my hubby’s cousin! *wink*

Diane wanted two bags to be made; one is a big shopping bag, and another smaller one which can go into the big shopping bag. She wanted the bags to match. Diane already has a design in mind. In fact, she has already bought the patterns for both the bags, and she also bought the fabrics in the colours that she wants the bags to be made from.

That in itself took out the `headache’ of trying to choose fabrics that will suit to her taste and liking. That way I can get straight into making the bags, and, the best part was that, I get to keep whatever fabrics leftover from the bags! *wink* And Diane was generous in the amount of fabrics that she sent! I could mix and match and maybe even make another bag! Thanks, Diane!

Since the order came all the way from the US, making payments for the bags was going to be a little bit `difficult’, and so when Diane suggested that she pays me by sending me things that I want and also some other items which she feels I could make use of to make more bags, I agreed. Again, Diane was generous in her `payments’ for the bags.

My jaw dropped when I saw the things that she sent to me as payment! It was like I was celebrating my birthday months in advance! Just look at the box that the things came in!

And here's what she sent me!

There are fat quarters in PINK, and there are plenty of them to make me a bag or two!

When Diane was about to send out the parcel to me, she said that there was a craft fair of sorts going on in her area and asked me if I would like her to get me anything from there. I mentioned that I have always been wanting to get those square grid rulers for my patchwork but have always been put off by the high price sold here in Malaysia.

Diane bought me not just one square ruler, but two! One is 6” and the other is 4 ½”. Now cutting my squares for patchwork will be a breeze! Thanks, Diane!

Diane also bought me a triangular ruler and circle templates! She also included in the box a Sewline fabric pencil which is awesome to use to mark on fabrics, and Diane even bought the pen in pink with pink lead! LOL!

She also gave me a roll of pink ribbons and also a length of pink ribbons. I also got a pen which I believe is a magic marker to mark on fabrics, also in pink!

As if that was not enough as payment for me to make the bags, Diane also sent a pattern for KIMONO GARDEN wall quilt, complete with all the fabrics to make the quilt! Thank you so much, Diane!

Wow! I had so much fun opening the box, and kept digging into it despite having to put everything back into the box as my working table was already cluttered with the things I was using to make the bags for my cousin’s hubby, because I don’t want things to get mixed up!

Now for the things that Diane sent to make her two bags….

Seen here is the KIMONO GARDEN Kit (in a box wrapped with a ribbon) which I originally thought was part of the items for me to make her the bags. Luckily I confirmed with Diane first before setting out to cut all the pieces for the bags! LOL!

Anyway, looks like Diane is into blues, greens and browns. It is not a colour I usually work with but it challenged me to get creative in trying to coordinate the colours, and I really love the results!

Look out for a posting on the progress of the bag. I am about 90% done on the big bag, and I started working on the small bag last weekend. I am not sure when I will be bale to get both bags done. I have been doing a lot of travelling lately, and I have been coming home late and feeling very exhausted.

Should I complete the bag in time for NNC’s 3rd Anniversary celebration this weekend, Diane has given me permission to bring it to the meet to show it off! *grin*

Also among the things that Diane sent me to make her bags is a roll of Pellon Fusible Fleece. I have read about it online and wondered what it was. Now I know, and I simply love it!

It made quilting a breeze as I need not have to baste the fleece (batting) onto the bag pieces first before quilting the pieces, but only need to iron it on directly onto the fabric. Also, as it glues itself to the fabric, I can cut the batting right up to the edge of the fabric, when, before this, I have to give plenty of allowance for the batting as when I quilt, it tends to take in some of the edges, if you get what I mean.

I only wish that this Pellon Fusible Fleece is available here in Malaysia. *sigh*

I inquired at Sakura (they have moved to Kampung Kayu Ara new business center) and they said that they might be bringing in some sometime this year to test the market. I just hope that it won’t cost a bomb!

I can’t wait to show off the bags I made for Diane. Hopefully by the 1st week of April, I will be able to get them done.

I already have two more orders for 3 more bags from 2 different people – Zai and Ann. I just need to discuss some details with them.

BTW, my hubby’s cousin’s bags are also almost done. I am only left with the finishing touches. I hope to get them done before the end of the month so that I can pass them to her. I just need to find time to meet up with her.

I will post updates on all four bags (my hubby’s cousin’s and Diane’s) when all 4 bags are done. I need to find time to sit down and finish them up and to blog about them.

If only I have 36 hours in a day! LOL!


The Heart of Paul said...

Nik you're on a roll here!!

How I envy your stash!

Janet C said...

I am soooo......jealous!! lol