Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Help me decide…..

I am in the market for a laptop. Currently I have a laptop which is on loan to me, but I will have to return it come this April. I have been surfing the internet looking for what suits me best for the work that I want to do on the laptop as I travel for work and play.

I have been `in love’ with the Sony Vaio in pink *grin* for the longest time, but I was told that the Vaio has lots of problems.

It is beautiful and stylish, but, because of what has been told to me, it has sort of put me off buying it even though each time I go to a computer shop, my eyes would sway towards the Vaio, and my heart would beat twice as fast each time our `eyes’ gaze at each other…… LOL!

At that time, I was not seriously considering of buying a laptop yet, and so would just give the Vaio a shy smile and then I would be on my way, dreaming about it for when the day would come when I would be able to have it for my own….

Now that I am seriously considering of buying a laptop, I have started to seriously look around for what suits me best for the things that I want to do before I actually make my purchase and not just jump right in just because I am `in love’ with the Vaio. I need to be more focused and think with my head and not my heart….

As my brother is into selling computers and laptops, especially Compaq/HP and Dell, I focussed onto looking at Dells, hoping that I might be able to get a good deal from my dear brother. *grin*

I was at Low Yat Plaza last Friday, 6th March, taking advantage of my long lunch hour break, to see what’s the latest in the market.

I was almost immediately smitten by the New Dell Inspiron 14.

It had almost all that I wanted in a laptop, and after consulting my dear brother on the specifications, I was almost certain that this is my destiny – to get the New Inspiron 14! LOL! The fact that I can get the laptop in pink only makes it easier for me to decide, but……

I was told that Dell can only be purchased online and it takes about 3 weeks for it to be delivered to you. During the warranty period, the service guy will come over to your home or office, which ever is your registered address, to service your laptop or will come to pick up your laptop and return to you after repair or servicing, with just a phone call. That is the good part.

The bad part is that, I was told, that after the warranty period is over, there isn’t a proper service center that you can go to should you have any problems with your laptop. You will need to call the Dell office in Penang and they will tell you which shop to send your laptop to and they will come to pick it up. You will then later have to go back to the shop to pick it up. They don’t have a proper service center unlike Compaq/HP, Sony etc. This could take days, depending on when they can pick up the laptop from the specified shop, repair it, and then send it back.

The fact that I can only buy it online kind of puts it off buying because I don’t actually fancy making a credit card payment for such a large amount, even though my brother assured me that he has done numerous large amount purchases online. Maybe I am not confident because I don’t get to bring it home immediately after paying for it.

Also, the fact that Dell does not have a proper after sales service center also makes me think twice about buying a Dell. I don’t like to have to wait to get back my laptop especially if I need to travel, and I am starting to travel quite often again lately (I was in Labuan last week, and the week before that I was in Kota Kinabalu) after not travelling for work for more than 6 months.

Due to all these ‘constraints’, I am having second thoughts about getting the Dell.

I have started looking at Compaq/HP (my hubby bought a Compaq from my brother) but none seems to jump right out at me and make my heart go a flutter, like what the Vaio and the Inspiron 14 did to me. *grin*

My hubby said that since the laptop is probably going to be used only by me, most probably what ever stories that I have heard about the Vaio having a lot of problems might not arise at all. Problems usually arise when you have too many `cooks that spoil the soup’ – too many handlers.

Upon the advice of my hubby, I went surfing online today to look at the Vaio that has gotten me all excited from the very day that our `eyes’ first met. Guess what? It still gets me excited to see the Vaio online, but, after scrutinising the specifications and the price, I have decided that the Dell Inspiron 14 suits my budget better.

Now what? Shall I get the Sony Vaio or the Dell Inspiron?

Shall I go with my heart or my pocket? Dare I buy the Dell knowing how difficult it might be should my laptop run into problems after the warranty period is over as opposed to buying the Sony which has a proper after sales service center?

Oohhhhhh! Help me decide!

After some recommendations from friends, I have also even looked at the Mac, but my brother said that it is too expensive and high end a laptop for what I want to use a laptop for. Also, since all the computers in my office uses the PC, I might have problems interfacing the work that I bring home with the Mac.

Okay, looks like the Mac is out….for now……

Oohhhhhh! Help me decide! I need a laptop and sooooooonnnn!!!

note - photos taken from
- (Sony Vaio) and
- (New Dell Inspiron 14)


Barbara J said...

If I was on the look out for a notebook this would be one of my option:

or watch a review on YouTube here:

Unfortunately it's not in pink, but that can be solved with a pink skin ;)

Mrs. Fedex said...

How about Toshiba Portege M900?

Za said...

Hi BJ! A MSI? Hmm..never heard of it before this. I will check it out. Thanks!

Mrs Fedez, I am so smitten by the Vaio and Dell that I never bothered much to look at any other models. Maybe I should....

Thanks for the recommendations.