Friday, March 12, 2010

Getting feverish!

Heheh……not the kind that has a temperature of above 38 degrees Celsius though it could get up to that high should I get all excited! LOL! *blush*

What in the world could I be talking about? LOL!

Akademi Fantasia fever that is! LOL! *blush*

Yup! It is back! This time, I am more excited about the principal and the two hosts and the person taking over Trek Selebriti from Jimmy that is getting me all feverish and excited as opposed to being excited about the students themselves1 LOL! *grin*

The minute I heard that Norman KRU is going to head the Akademi, I got all excited already and could not wait for when the Diary is going to start. I have always been a `fan’ of KRU, but not so much for the songs, although I do like most of their songs, but more for their business sense and what they have become from when they first started out some 15 odd years ago.

They are a few of our local artists who have managed to stay in the industry after all these years and be successful by being versatile and able to expand and diversify from their original status of just being a group of boys rapping to successful business men in almost all fields of the entertainment. I have noted that almost every singer that goes under their label has tasted success. Just look at where Adam AF2 is now, just to name one example.

I was in fact hoping that KRU would some day sign up Aril of AF7 as I would like to see him go far in the industry and that can only happen when one is under a strong label. Maybe someday that will happen when Aril is no longer attached to AEIB and Enfiniti.

Another reason why I am getting feverish and can’t wait for this Saturday when they will be introducing the new set of students is because of the two hosts who will be helming the concerts for the next 10 weeks! Yup! Sarimah Ibrahim and Jimmy Shanly might just get the weekly concerts hot and exciting again after 2 seasons of freezing cold concerts in the hands of AC Mizal. Finally he is out! *grin*

Both Sarimah and Jimmy are known to be very talkative, especially Sarimah who can talk non-stop. I just hope that she remembers to give Jimmy a chance to talk! LOL! Putting them together is like putting two balls of fire together hoping for them to make fireworks, and they just might succeed!

The 3rd reason why I am getting all excited and feverish is because I have heard that Aril might be temporarily taking over hosting the Trek Selebriti during the time that Jimmy is busy hosting the weekly AF concerts!

If this is true, than looks like for the next 10 weeks, I am going to be glued to the TV starting from Friday nights when Trek Selebriti comes on air, to the Concert on Saturdays, and to Sundays, when the results will be revealed as to who will be eliminated for that week!

I have told my hubby that I am already feeling the fever and `warned’ him that I will be ‘taking over’ the remote control starting from this Friday for the next 10 weeks! LOL! He said that he has gotten immunity from the AF fever already which he has developed over the last 7 years! LOL! *grin*

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