Saturday, March 13, 2010

The little pink cheongsam bag

My sister Lin went holidaying in Hong Kong, Shanghai and a few other places recently and brought me back this cute little bag in, what else, PINK colour, in the shape of a cheongsam.

I was immediately smitten by the design and my sister told me that when she saw it, she said that she must get it for me, and hope that I could make something similar to it.

It does look possible to make something similar, and I think that I might just give it a try.

Yeah, right! Like I have all the time in the world! LOL!

There are so many things that I want to make and do, I wonder if I actually have the time to do them all! LOL! I think I would need a very long extended holiday to even do half of what I want to do! LOL! *grin*

Anyway, thanks, Lin, for the gift! I will let you know if I eventually do make a similar bag…..maybe in another 10 years? LOL! *wink*


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