Saturday, March 27, 2010

Two bags completed at last!!

Well, actually, I completed both these bags like more than a month or so ago, but I could not find time to blog about it. Rather, I kept forgetting to blog about it. Too many things are happening all at the same time.

Anyway, these two bags that I meant are the bags I learnt from Corine when she came to teach us the bags on 18th January. Yup! More than 2 months ago!

I completed the green two-way bag earlier, but decided not to blog on it until I completed the red hexagon bag. I only completed the red hexagon bag just slightly before I got the special request from Idah, my hubby’s cousin.

I love both bags as they both have their own unique use for them.

I can use the two-way bag either as a normal handbag or I could use it to carry my documents to work. It professional looking enough.

This bag has got two different handles. I can either carry it or sling it over my shoulders, thus the name, "Two-way bag".

As for the red hexagon bag, it is really cute! I just love the fabrics! The kit actually came with pink fabrics, but, as I had already made 2 bags in pink when I was in Penang for the Craft Retreat, I decided to swap the pink fabrics for these red ones which are actually leftovers from the bag I made for my mum sometime last year as a birthday cum Raya Gift to my mum.

It’s a good bag if you want to keep it simple. The only drawback is that it has no zip to it, making it easy for things to fall out of it, or for someone to actually dip into it.

I certainly can’t bring it shopping, but it looks good to bring it to smart casual or semi-formal functions.

I love the red leather handles with the strawberry ends to it, but it was tough sewing down the handles to the bag. I kept pricking my fingers as I kept poking the needle at the wrong place! LOL! I have got to learn how to sew these kinds of handless properly! LOL!

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