Tuesday, March 23, 2010

When it rains, it pours….

.....and so they say. But, in Kuala Lumpur, when it rains, it gets all jammed up!!

It took me 3 hours to get home from work yesterday when usually it would take only about 90 minutes!

It rained cats and dogs in the evening yesterday. I was in a meeting and could not get off early. Usually I would go home straight as my hubby would pick up my son from my MIL’s house. I would usually send my son to school in the morning. That’s our routine. But, yesterday, we had some problems with our plumbing. For some reason, we had no water in all the upstairs bathrooms.

As my hubby had arranged for the plumber to come in the evening, he called to ask me to pick up our son. I had planned on coming home early as I still am not done with the Anniversary Gift Exchange for NNC’s Anniversary Meet this Saturday. Yikes!

So, as soon as my meeting was over at 6.00pm, I quickly rushed to pick up my son, but I got caught in a 90 minute jam just to get to my MIL’s house. I stayed for only 10 minutes at my MIL’s house to chat as it was already getting very late.

We left my MIL’s house at about 7.40pm. I dropped by at the gas station along the way as I exited NKVE at the Subang Airport as I needed to refill my gas, and my son wanted to buy a drink and some snacks to have after dinner.

I am glad that we stopped for the drink and snacks as I was really getting hungry (I had an early lunch at 11.30am) and I managed to persuade my son to eat the snacks in the car while we got caught in traffic instead of having it after dinner. My tummy was growling like I had thunder in my tummy! LOL!

It was a slow crawl into Subang Jaya as many people kept jumping queues in front of me. I got really annoyed at one time and actually blasted my horn like mad when this so called Pak Aji (he was wearing the kopiah) jumped queue in front of me.

It got me so mad, as to me, anyone wearing a kopiah or a tudung (for women) should be someone who has lots of patience. Tak payah la nak tunjuk alim kalau tak penyabar! (No need to dress like someone who is religious if you can’t behave like one!!!).

We finally arrived home at close to 9.00pm! I was extremely exhausted and after dinner and watching TV for a short while, I headed for bed. I think I fell asleep almost as soon as my head hit the pillows. LOL!

Today, I left the office at 6.00pm after my meeting to pick up my son. It was cloudy, but it did not rain. We arrived home at 7.40pm! Half the time it took me to get home yesterday!

When it rains, all the roads in Kuala Lumpur gets flooded with all sorts of vehicles and impatient ‘Pak Ajis’! Uurrghhh! That’s life in the big cities like Kuala Lumpur!

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