Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hazards of work

I thought that only people who works in the enforcement line like policemen, anti corruption officers, JPJ and the likes faces risks and hazards at work. Well, two weeks ago, that assumption just went down the drain.

A colleague of mine who is a Project Manager had a near fatal incident that could easily have cost him his life, had he not been quick to act and having a black belt was a bonus that had actually saved his life.

It started out simply as an accident when his car was hit by two men on a motorcycle. Since the dent to his car was minor, he decided not to pursue further and to just let off the motorcyclist. But the motorcyclist pursued to tail him and when they got to a traffic light, they knocked on his window shield, and when he wind down his screen, thinking that they wanted to negotiate further, that was when the motorcyclist tried to stab him with a screwdriver which hit his neck before he managed to defend himself with his hands.

My colleague was quick to react by kicking his car door open, pushing the motorcyclist to fall onto the road. When the motorcyclist got up to try to stab him further, my colleague, being a black belt holder kicked him. When the assailant tried to run away, my friend pursued after him.

With the help of a few bystanders, the motorcyclist was apprehended and handed over to the police. When the police questioned the assailant and my colleague, it was later found out that the assailant was hired by someone who knows my colleague at his project site.

It seems that this person who hired these thugs is known to be quite a gangster even among his own colleagues at the project site. He is said to have problems among his own colleagues where he refuses to listen to any comments made with regards to the way he does his work.

My colleague is a person who is strict when it comes to following work procedures and specifications. He was said to have made many comments to this person’s way of working and his workmanship – all part of doing his work properly and according to the correct procedure.

Days before the event, it seems that this person had asked my colleague his car make and plate number over tea during a leisure time after work. This was confirmed when the thugs who had made an attempt on my colleague’s life admitted to being hired by this person to attack my colleague when he was interrogated by the police.

The police had originally classified the case as a road accident but after further interrogation of the hired thugs and my colleague, the police have declassified the case as attempted murder. The case is still being investigated.

I am just glad that my colleague is safe, and he has asked to be transferred elsewhere where he need not have to deal directly with contractors.

This case has given me shivers running down my back. I work with all kinds of people on projects sites all the time, and I do my work only according to strict procedures and specifications.

If I don’t do my work properly, my boss and the client department who have entrusted their projects to us will be on my back demanding why things are not being done according to the correct procedures and I will have a lot to answer to them. On the other hand, being strict on site now has its hazards. I just hope that God will always protect me as I carry on my work according to what is expected of me, insyaAllah.

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