Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Definitely not a letdown!

My mum’s in town to see her 13th grandchild (wow! 13 already!) born to my brother, Ayis and his wife, Sufia, on 24th April 2010. She was here since the 22nd of April, the day of Aiman’s birthday, but we did not get to see her earlier as we had already made other plans by the time we got to know that my mum was going to be in town.

So, on Saturday, 24th April, we made plans to meet up with my mum for lunch along with my brother, Azan, who picked up my mum to take her to the hospital to see her new grandchild, Nik Fawzan Shafizy.

BTW, Ayis and Sufia, congrats on the birth of your 3rd child!

From the hospital, my mum and brother went to Subang Parade to do some shopping. So, we decided to meet them there for lunch.

We had initially wanted to go for sushi at Sushi King, but it was full. So, we decided on Nando’s.

It was a simple lunch, but i think it was a far more enjoyable one compared to the one I posted on earlier about the Indonesian restaurant at Sunway Mentari. Definitely there was no case of a dish not being available. *grin*

This time, my mum ordered the ¼ chicken which was served with 2 side dishes.

My son, Aiman, ordered the kiddie meal of 2 chicken pieces with smiley fries..

His cousin, Ayin,ordered the hot dog with rice.

My hubby ordered the chicken burger.

Here is what my brother, Azan, ordered - chicken on a skewer served with rice.

I had ordered this dish which I have forgotten what it is called, but it was served in an unusual way in that it was served vertically on a skewer hanging from an iron rod. It was served with corn on the cob and fries.

There was nothing unusual about the taste of the chicken on the skewer, but it was an interesting concept.

Needless to say, everyone enjoyed their lunch.

We parted ways after lunch as we wanted to visit my sister-in-law, Sufia and the new baby and my mum wanted to go home to my brother’s house.

Ma, we will make another lunch or dinner date when you come down to KL again next time. Hugs!

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