Sunday, May 30, 2010

God’s fate

About more than a month ago, I got a missed call from a friend. When I called her back to ask her why she had called me, she told me that she hadn’t but must have accidentally dialled my number. But, as it turned out like it was fated by God for me to know, since I was already on the phone, she decided to inform me that Nina, her only daughter who was my son’s former classmate (she changed school last year) was recently diagnosed with 3rd stage cancer of the bone. She is only 9 years old going on 10! I was shocked and for a while I did not know what to say to her as I was afraid that I might be saying the wrong things to her.

But, when I regained my composure, I asked about Nina and how she is holding up. My friend told me that Nina is feeling very down and unlucky. It was also tough for my friend, having to accept this shocking news and having to go through the trying times as Nina goes through all the medical procedures to try to prevent the cancer from spreading. I know my friend to be one very tough lady who has won many recognitions for her many success in the building industry. Here I am seeing a different side to her tough front. It was then that I told my hubby that we should pay my friend and Nina a visit.

So, on 15th May 2010, I arranged with a couple of friends whose children were also former classmates with Nina to visit together. It also happened that it was going to be Nina’s birthday the following weekend, so the mother decided to buy a small cake so that Nina will be able to celebrate her birthday early with friends.

We spent quite a number of hours there as the kids enjoyed playing together while we, the adults, chatted. As my friend told us how they first found out about the cancer, tears fell freely. It was understandable, considering what she had to go through. I saw a softer side to my friend who always seems so tough and strong.

We were told that since the chemo started some two months ago (Nina has gone through 4 chemo sessions already and need to go for 4more sessions), the growth has somewhat shrunk. It was good to know that Nina is on the way to recovery, hopefully, to fully recover from the cancer. We pray for her speedy recovery so that she can go back to a normal life (she has been taken out of school to enable her to undergo the chemo for the next one year).

Her mum told us after we left that Nina had a good time playing with her friends and wants us to come again. She so appreciates our coming over. It seems that she has never been this happy since she was diagnosed with the cancer. It was understandable, her being so young and not understanding what she has to go through. We are glad to be able to make Nina very happy. We hope to make another visit soon in between her chemo sessions.

It’s crisis like these that you see another side to a person, though it does not necessarily mean that it shows that the person is weak, but rather, a side that is only too human and that no matter how strong one is, there is always a softer and vulnerable side to a person.

We pray for Nina’s speedy recovery.

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