Monday, May 31, 2010

NNC May Stitching Bee 2010

We had our usual bi-monthly NNC Stitching Bee for the month of May on the 29th at Starbucks Bangsar Village II. This time, I managed to get there early as instead of dropping off Aiman at his Art Class which starts at 10.30am, and only able to join the ladies and Paul at about 10.45am, I brought Aiman with me to join the ladies and Paul first as Aiman had chosen to attend the engineering workshop that Saturday which only starts at 11.00am.

When I got there, almost everyone who should be attending was already there. There was Paul, Margaret and her sister Jackie; Janet, Radha, Rose, June and her daughter; Alynn and her son, daughter and hubby.

Everyone was in the midst of ordering drinks and breakfast which we managed to get a hefty 30% discount as June’s daughter is currently working with Starbucks during her current semester break. Thanks, June! Do say thanks to your daughter too!

After breakfast was done with, the first person to take out something to show, I believe, was Rose who showed off Diane’s lovely pincushion to her. I think Margaret’s going to go looking for that pincushion stand for her next pincushion project! *wink*

After the ooh and ahh on the pincushion made by Diane subsided, Alynn took out a blue plastic container which got us all going ooh and ahh again! LOL! It was the lovely blue pincushion in a cup made by Diane for Alynn, her partner for the exchange.

Many agreed that the pincushion cup looks a lot better in real life, and I am sure many wouldn’t mind getting something similar too. *grin*

Next, Radha brought out a huge box filled with all the lucky draw goodies that she got when she won the NNC Lucky Draw last year.

It was like opening up a treasure trove! I think many were in awe of all the lovely things inside the box.

Next, I took out my huge box containing Peggy’s huge and lovely blue pincushion from the recently concluded NNC Blue Theme Pincushion organised by Usha.

Again, everyone was in awe of the lovely pincushion, especially with all threads surrounding the pincushion!

June and Margaret even took off the glasses to scrutinize the making of the pincushion so that they too can go back to make a similar one! LOL! But, indeed it is a lovely pincushion that if I hadn’t received it from Peggy, I would be scrutinizing the pincushion myself to see how it was done. *grin*

Next was Janet who took out to show off two lovely Lizzie Kate pieces made into a mini pillow which she said she had received through an exchange at one of the LK Groups she’s in. It’s been a long times since I did any LK pieces, or any cross stitching for that matter that I was all envious looking at the lovely pieces Janet received.

Margaret brought along a Prairie Schooler piece which I also admired but can never find teh time to do one. *sigh* Seen here is Rose holding up the piece.

Jackie brought along a couple of bags to show off which got everyone excited admiring them.

She also brought a book on bags, which made me want to drop by Yee’s so that I can get that book too! LOL! We definitely are bad for each other. We tend to influence each other to spend lots on stash! LOL!

June brought some books on dress making and if I think that I have the time to make dresses, I think I would have dived my nose into the books, but, I know that I already have way too many things already on my plate, and, to add dress making to my long list of hobbies already might just drive my hubby up the wall, if not already! LOL!

I can’t remember who brought the Sew Hip magazine, but definitely I am going to get both the April and May 2010 issues after looking at all the lovely projects being featured in the magazine! LOL!

Paul gave Radha a very lovely purse which he made using fabrics from his shirts. I teased Radha that Paul had just given her a piece of him! LOL! *wink*

Margaret and I brought the left over door gifts from the NNC Anniversary Meet and we decided to do a lucky draw to see who gets what.

It was another round of excitement when we each took turns to draw our lucky number to see what we got. LOL!

It was a little past 12.00 noon when Zarina suddenly arrived. By then, the lucky Draw was already done with and so were most of the Show & Tell. I am very sorry, Zarina, I did not think that you were going to be coming since it was already close to 12.00 noon when we drew the lucky numbers.

Zarina did not waste time upon arriving and immediately sat down to show Margaret on how to do the mitred corner binding. Janet then did a demo on how to work around the curves when using the binding.

I think hardly anyone brought anything to work on this time around, though I did see Radha showing Paul how to do the hairpin lace. I had actually brought along my forever uncompleted crochet bag, but I never even took it out of the bag! LOL!

Although I did not feel like leaving just yet as I was really enjoying myself among like–minded people who shares the same passion as me, but I had to leave by 12.45 noon after picking up Aiman from his workshop as I needed to buy lunch as hubby was at home with a bad backache.

It was great meeting everyone. I think it was just what I needed after going through so many crisis at work lately. It was good being able to spend time with friends who share the same passion as me and who always show concern for my well-being. It was a great feeling. Thanks, everyone for coming to the Bee. A special thanks to Janet and Radha who came all the way from Perak and Kedah to join us for the Bee.

Thank you to Rose for my advance birthday present. She’s my birthday partner this year.

Thank you too to Janet and Margaret for the birthday pressies too. But, I was warned by headmistress Margaret not to open my presents until 8th of June. Oh dear! That’s another 9 days to go! You think I can wait? LOL! *wink*

Anyway, thanks again, everyone! I had a great time, and I hope so did everyone else who attended teh Bee this time around.

The next Bee might just be in Ipoh where Janet might be playing host! *wink* Can’t wait!

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