Sunday, May 02, 2010

Another tiring day of travelling

It’s another day of travelling on 28th April 2010, this time to Kuala Terengganu. I took the 8.40am flight out of Kuala Lumpur, and was confirmed on the 9.10pm flight back. I had wanted to take the 4.10pm flight back, but, unfortunately, it was fully booked. Despite putting myself on the waiting list since the day before, I still could not get a seat on the 4.10pm. So, instead of loitering around aimlessly at the airport, I came prepared with a laptop, and a change of clothes to while away the long waiting time for the 9.10pm flight. I checked into Dara Inn, a resort within walking distance to the beach, and a 5 minutes drive from the airport.

It is a quaint little inn, with a TV that is to barely able to receive clear reception even on TV1 & 2, and TV3.

But I switched it on anyway just to have some sounds playing in the room. Even though the room was comfortable, but the air-conditioning in the room was not functioning properly, as despite having it on since I checked in at 4.00pm, the room still wasn’t cold even at 6.00pm.

I took a 30 minutes nap after taking a much needed bath as I was bathing sweat earlier on when I climbed into the roof area of the airport building to inspect. When I woke up, I was feeling hungry. So, I decided to take a walk to the beach to buy some snacks, and I came back with these delicious spread of crispy fried squids, prawns and fish.

Yummy! It was finger lickin’ good! *grin*

The rest of the time after that was spent going online and checking my emails. I took the 9.10pm as scheduled and arrived home almost close to midnight. Another tiring day of travelling for work.

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