Sunday, May 30, 2010

I’ve got the blues!! no! Not that kind of blues, but a pincushion kind of `blues’*grin*

NNC recently just concluded it’s Blue Theme Pincushion exchange, organised by Usha. Some had received theirs during the NNC Anniversary Meet in March.

My partner for this exchange is Peggy and Zai. I should be receiving from Peggy and I am to send off to Zai. The last mailing out date is this coming Monday, 31st May 2010.

I received mine from Peggy on Wednesday, 19th May, 2010 as I was about to leave for a meeting in the afternoon. So, not wanting to be late for the meeting, I packed it up to bring it home to unwrap it.

Excited as I was to unwrap the parcel, but it had to wait as I arrived home very late on Wednesday night from work, and I still had the dinner to get ready and also, I had to pack as I was leaving for Johor Bahru the next day after office for a project site meeting. I arrived home from Johor Bahru and Melaka past 11.00pm on Friday night. I finally managed to unwrap the parcel on Saturday morning.

I was in awe of what was in the big shoe box that arrived that Wednesday at my office.

Not only did it contain the blue pincushion, not to mention, a BIG one at that, but it also contained plenty of blue stash to get me all excited like a little girl opening up her birthday present! LOL!

Peggy sent me 3 pieces of blue fat quarters, a cute little container containing little blue buttons, 3 skeins of variegated blue threads and a note pad complete with blue pen and pencil!

I love everything she sent me, especially the huge pincushion, the biggest I have had so far! I wonder if I can make a another pincushion bigger than that, not that I want to! LOL!

I wonder if I will be losing many pins and needles inside this huge pincushion! LOL! *grin*

I just love the threads surrounding the pincushion, and they are not just any threads, but they are Coats and Clark, which are quite expensive here in Malaysia! Thank you so much, Peggy!

I tried pulling out the threads but realised that they are all interconnected. I wonder what happens when I have used up all the threads and want to replace them with new threads. Errrr........Do I have to take out everything and re-thread them with new elastics, Peggy?

Anyway, thank you again, Peggy! Hugs!

I will be uploading photos of the pincushion I made for Zai as soon as Zai receives it, which i hope will be in a few days time.

In the mean time, here's a link for a tutorial on how to make the lovely pincushion. Thanks for the link, Peggy!

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Anonymous said...

:)....Glad you liked it Nik. As for changing the treads, at one point, I put a little black "thingy" I'm not sure of the name. but you can untie the thread there and pull the elastic the treads out of the elastic. There is no knot to undo. Change as you wish and enjoy the threads. I am not making myself one of these...I have made them for gifts for various people and find them so useful. I have my spools of silk threads that I want to use for my applique.